Lies (Romance, Angst)

Rating: K+

Summary: He left because I lied to him. He left because I didn't trust him. He left me because I couldn't love him enough to tell him. And now I pay for it.

Dedicated to my wonderful members at ROD and my dear prongsie.

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Jane's POV


The deep cuts in my left hand shone brightly, all reddish pink. I traced one with my other hand, careful not to touch the line. I knew I was crying then. All the time I had practiced not to, all of the things I'd done to stop the pain – I still couldn't control it.

Violet stared, unseeing, at me. She had been in a trance from the moment I pulled back my left sleeve. I reached out for her, but her ambers eyes widened and she jerked away. I left my arm hung in the air. I knew it was no use, Violet was never one for taking it easy.

Things would never be the same again . . .

Just like it was never the same when he left . . .

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