During the rest of their high school years, Michaela dumped Brad for being to clingy, Nicole and Ty had a bad break-up, Kaycee didn't talk to Cam since he dumped her, and ditto with Audrey and Jason. When Audrey was a senior, Nick and Maria had a baby girl named Abigail May Holmes while living in NY. The girls then moved to NY where they attended a small college, all except for Nicole who went to beauty school near the university. Nicole, Michaela, Kaycee and Audrey all seemed to move on….

At least that's what they thought.

For more, please wait for the sequel, Getting over the Sting.

(For people who don't understand the name, this story is When the Love Bug Bites and the sequel is Getting over the Sting, hope it makes sense! Bite and Sting… At least my friends liked it…)

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed!




(P.S., sorry, this was a bad epilogue…I'm just anxious to get to the sequel!)