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Listening to "never to late" by Three Days Grace

Chapter 1

"Elli," my mother called as she shook the sheets off of my body that morning. She walked over to the window and opening the blinds as much as one could. Of course my dark purple room was supposed to be an escape from this woman. "ELLI GET UP TIME FOR SCHOOL!"

I groaned. Who wants to get up on a Monday to go to school? Not just any school but one where not many understand you. The only reason I haven't dropped out is so that I can go to a good college and get a degree in forensics. I can tell what you're thinking, and yes my favorite show is CSI. I sighed and sat up in the bed my dark brown hair looked like a hot mess whilst my newly dyed black tips looked amazing and my bangs flew in front of my eyes. I glared at my mother who knew that it was time to leave before it started yet another fight between us. She left and I got dressed in my normal clothing, a black tee shirt and dark blue jeans with my studded belt. Throwing on my normal necklaces I went into the bathroom before my happy, cheerleader of a preppy sister got into it making me late. I washed my face and added my normal dark make-up around my light brown eyes. I left the bathroom and heard a loud noise come from behind me. I turned and noticed my sister had slammed the bathroom door. Damn, I hated when she was like this. It made me want to wring her neck.

Of course I grabbed my school bag and left the house without my sister. She would yell later, as you can tell there is nothing I enjoy more then getting her angry at me. I walked to my car and opened the door. It may have been a piece of junk but what the hell I loved it. I drove to school in the normal manor picking up my best friend on the way. Elise or Iris as we call her, is a like me she had brown eyes but her hair was dyed so many times no one could remember her natural hair color, well except her and me. Right now it happened to be black with small tints of red in it, though I do miss her blonde hair. All I wanted to do was to get to school and see my friends, especially Ravyn. I didn't even tell Iris I had a crush on him, though she easily could figure that out. Though them being cousins doesn't help much. Their gene pool must've held a morbid gene that skipped over to those two. They both just lived to see blood and guts pouring over something. Though they had a weird down to earth feel to them. They were like me hated when people talk about others, though they didn't care about what happened to people. My kind heart unfortunately cared for people. This means I'm always getting hurt by the guys I date. I throw myself in relationships searching for someone like me but Ravyn is the closets I could find. I just wish that he liked me back. Though he has stated he loved me, but he was drunk at the time.

We arrived at the school and I parked the car in my spot and walked with Iris into the building. We normally weren't this quiet but since Iris was pissed at her parents yet again, I figured I should just wait and let her talk when ready. "You realize that my parents are still complaining that I do nothing?! They are getting on my nerves so badly. I may just stay a Ray's house for the week. I don't think my cousin would mind much. Besides I could always get you to flirt with him if he doesn't."

"I'm not flirting with Ravyn. Never shall I do that." I added into the conversation. Iris laughed could tell she wanted to argue that point whole heartedly.

"You so like him admit it."

I glared at her in response. We walked through the doors of the mostly preppy/urban school and walked to the normal table in the lunch room we sat at. Ravyn and Justin were already sitting at the table, Justin doing homework while the other slept. I hugged Justin and flicked Ravyn in the ear. He quickly sprung to life and hit me in the boob. I put my hands where he hit me and quickly yelled, " What the hell is wrong with you that was my boob you idiot!"

Everyone laughed together as I continued to hold onto where he hit me. "You guys are such buttheads." I said as I sat in my normal chair next to Ravyn. As others showed up our conversations drug on. Of course we waited for the first bell to ring and when it did it was time for me, Ravyn, and our friend, Rin, to go to homeroom in Mr. Roberts algebra class.

We sat in the back of class by the windows talking and passing notes like a normal class. Of course, I'm the only one taking notes from the board, but everyone will copy them during lunch. I didn't mind, if it wasn't for me those idiots would be failing class. Instead they pass with c's. So I feel accomplished. We all left as the bell rang and I look down noticing I was sketching Ravyn's name in my notebook I quickly covered it before he came up behind me and did his normal poking routine. I enjoyed it but he isn't allowed to know that. He came up behind me and poked my sides like normal when I rose up out of my chair. I let out a normal squeal and turned to give him a glare. He smiled innocently and walked away catching up to Sara to talk. I stayed with Rin since she and I had the next class together.

"You and Ray should go out. You're such a cute couple." Rin said as we entered the hallway and turning to the left for history class. I gave him a convincing surprised but disgusted look.

"I love him like a brother. Dating a brother is called incest. Which is completely disgusting!?" We entered the classroom and put our stuff down at our chairs.

"Well incest or not you guys would be very cute together." She gave a smirk. I returned in an unforgiving glare. As the glaring continued I could hear the loudest of our group run up and jump onto my back. As we fell to the ground we were both laughing. Rin was staring down at us like we were a pair of idiots. This was Kayla. The blondeness of her hair just complimented her occasional drifting during conversations, and random blurting of words. She was the best friend a person could have. Even If sixty-five of your best friends and family died, this girl would be the one to make you smile. I know that was morbid but... She wasn't my best friend but I loved her like a sister either way. Iris walked through the door and looked down at us.

"And you are on the floor becauseā€¦?" she finally stated as we got up off the floor and sat in our normal seats, of course in the back of the classroom.

"Because this one jumped on my back!" I pointed to Kayla. She smiled innocently and just decided to fling a piece of paper at my head, "Dork!"

Again, she was smiling. I couldn't help being mad at her but as soon as I looked at her I smiled. We laughed as our history teacher, Mr. Venuto, glared. He was a master at this by now handing us so many detentions that it wasn't even funny, he hated the four of us. Damn, he hated our whole group. Especially when more then one of us were in a single class. Having four of us here was hell for him. Especially since 2 of us, me and Kayla, were normally the most hyper of us. The whole class was nothing but a blur to me, with Venuto as a teacher it made my favorite subject turn into the worst class in hell. He, of course, kept an eye on his "favorite students". Though he wasn't too happy when Rin threw a piece of paper at the back of his head. He dodged it. That man really does have eyes in the back of his head. Of course, I stuck to my book the entire class. The new vampire romance novel by the best author in the world was amazing. Everything this woman wrote was just so, how can I put it, beautiful, heavenly, and just so dang sexy!!!

Wishing for my vampire lover to just swoop me up into his arms and carry me out of the school for all eternity. Being each others soul mate and never needing anyone or anything to sustain you but the other person, well and of course blood. Just being around them makes you act, dare I say it, like a giddy school girl who just had her first kiss. Man do I feel like a hopeless romantic. No man ever wants to be sensitive and strong at the same time. They don't want to be how the men in the books are. Maybe that's why I read them, to hold that thought that maybe there will be that one guy. Damn it who am I kidding. There is no perfect man. I sighed as I closed my book right before the bell rang. I looked over at the other three as they gathered their things. Maybe being around Ravyn during lunch would get these thoughts out of my head. He always could cheer me up when I'm depressed.


The lunch table was the same complete and utter chaos that it always was. Ravyn had his nose sunk into his new spell book, I was reading over his shoulder like normal. While Kayla was messing around with Justin, Rin, Kat, and Iris were talking about god knows what and being loud about it. I looked over at Iris and said "Iris we should do this one. How many people have we pissed off?"

"Tons. What is it?"

"It's a protection spell for yourself or home." I pointed to the page as she read it her normal expression turned into a grin.

"I like it. It sounds good." She said looking back up at me and Ravyn. "Maybe we should try that later." She continued to read as me and Kayla started to poke each other. We started to run around the table poking each other. As Justin joined in on the fun we all didn't have a care in the world. When I ran towards Justin, who was standing right in front of Ravyn. Unfortunately Justin moved and I fell straight into the lap of Ravyn. "Ummmm," I nervously said. The blood rushed to my face and I could feel the warmth of my face without even touching it.

I froze as I put my hands on his shoulders. I was drawing a blank. I looked at Ravyn and next thing I knew I heard Iris say, "Kiss or get off him." I looked over at her stunned. I looked back at Ravyn and he was blushing as well.

"Iris that is so wrong." I said as I finally realized what was happening. I slowly rose up out of his lap and I noticed his hand was still on my hip as I tried to walk past him. I stopped and looked down and then at him.

"I still want that kiss," Ravyn said, "You may have gotten up but your mine now." He laughed along with me.

"Fine," I said as I rolled my eyes, dramatics were always needed, "Only on the cheek you hear me." I looked at him.

"Promise," He said. I leaned down and went towards his cheek. The damn idiot moved his head at the last minute and our lips met. Of course I was screaming hell yeah in my head but yet I couldn't help but think what in the world was wrong with him. We continued to kiss and everyone looked surprised when we parted. I smacked him in the back of the head.

I found myself yelling, "Why the fucking god did you do that. I said the cheek you imbecile. Don't you ever listen?! You fucking asshole!! Just because you're a good kisser doesn't mean you can just kiss me like that." I quickly shut up when I realized what I had said. He realized it bothered me and automatically got a devilish grin. I crossed my arms and looked away from him.

"So I'm a good kisser, huh?" H

e said as his eyebrow rose. I glared at him.

"Why did you have to repeat that?!" I said, so annoyed. He could always say the one thing that made me mad. He stood up and say stop being like that. He gave me a hug, "I'm sorry Elli." I smiled and hugged him back. I could feel his hands lift off of my back, but next thing I know I had a huge pain on the back of my leg and butt. I quickly slapped Ravyn across the face. "It isn't Sunday yet. You aren't allowed to do that."

Everyone was laughing while I was rubbing my butt, that idiot slapped my butt, and glaring at Ravyn, who was rubbing his cheek.

"Man you hit like a guy. Why did you hit me?!"

"You hit me first I got payback."

I stuck my tongue out at him. He, of course took full advantage, moved quickly and started kissing me again. My hands went around his neck. One slowly moved down his arm and hung slowly balling into a fist. I moved it quickly connecting with his cheek.

"Will you stop kissing me like that?" I turned to look at Iris. "Did he drink this morning?"

"Only some rum and coke. Nothing else." I looked over at her with a questioning look. In response she threw her hands in the air, as if she didn't know anything. I sighed and looked back at the scared Ravyn sitting in the chair holding onto his face trying to move his jaw slowly. He sat there glaring at me. I knew he had to have had more then that. He only gets touchy feely with me when he gets drunk.

"Allison gave you alcohol this morning, huh?" I said as he looked up at me. No wonder he hadn't said much to me today. He knew how much I hated when he drank, though he was hooked either way. I can't control his life. I couldn't even control my own life. I knew what was right but I'm not sure if I always did it.

Ravyn laughed as he looked up at me, "Yeah she did. Why is that such a problem with you!? There is nothing wrong with having a drink now and then."

"Bull! You are killing yourself! You drank four days in a row including today!"

"It was three days not four! Get your story straight!" He yelled at me. I glared at him, then turned on my heel visciously and grab my books from the table. I stormed out of the cafeteria and went to my favorite teacher's classroom, which also happened to be my next class.

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