A Day

I never knew 'til I met you

They sky could be so clear

My heart was light, you made it take flight

The breeze was bright and new

I was secure and safe, in this place

We had made a home

Time passes, years go by

Clouds start to float into my clear sky

My heart is heavy, weighted down

The wind blew cold and silent

I was nervous and worried

This didn't feel like home

We came to end, you and I

The storm raging above

Hearts were broken with each word spoken

The gusts of pain blew hard

I was sad and lonesome

Our home was no more

So the cycle of love is complete

The joy, the hurt, the pain

The memory of us lives on

Somewhere deep inside

But when asked what could have been

I say "I wouldn't change a thing"

Life is too short to live with regret

Make each moment count

Visit with friends old and new

Never live without

Don't forget the past it makes you who you are today

Experiences make it all worth while "I wouldn't change a day"