Lunar Sea

The sea is the color of winter, it smells like fireworks and some fluorescent shade of yellow.
The River Boy is leaning against the sand, counting the waves of the clouds, storing the memories deep inside his waters. His eyes are the color of Prisms, when you look inside them you get to see all the geometrical spectrums of sadness. He is such a tragic silhouette against the dark.

The moon is the color of summer, it smells like fireflies and some electric shade of blue.
The Lunar Girl is standing against the sky, counting the stars in the water reflection, storing the memories deep inside her galaxies. She has irises the color of sighs, when you refract into them you get to see all the inverted scales of sorrow. She is such an imperfect luminescence against the night.

He casts his eyes upwards and is dazzled by the interstellar radiance she doesn't even know she possess. And for an instant his heart feels a little lighter and his darkness seems a little brighter.
She casts her eyes downwards and is overwhelmed by the infinite calmness he doesn't even know he encompass. And for a moment her heart feels at shore and her imperfection is skewed.

Somewhere in the center line between earth and sky they noticed they were real. Her refraction in his Prisms paints a rainbow made of bliss. She glides away from the sky as he rises from the earth. In the middle point they meet and somewhere along the journey they realized they were alive.

He touches her with his oceanic fingers. His skin feels like salt and some marine dream she doesn't remember in her sleep. And in that contact, she has drowned in him.
She smiles at him with her silver grin. Her lips feel like unexplored orbits and gravitational hopes he doesn't remember in his prayers. And in that glimpse, she has blinded him.

And during the fusion they are winter and summer and everything in between.