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- - -

CHAPTER FIVE - Felix, 5th floor

I guess this all started with mine getting meningitis. As a baby I managed to develop, somehow or another, haemophilus influenza, which resulted eventually in bacterial meningitis. I only know the names of the two because they've impacted on my life somewhat irritably. It's like it just had to leave me with a reminder that it's not all fine and dandy. I've ended up with epilepsy, though thankfully somewhat mild.

Infact, I might have had epilepsy anyway. Maybe the meningitis was just more bad luck. Maybe it's karma for some evil deed in a past life?

I'm ahppy today though, despite being stuck back in the Princess Anne for the third time this year. For the first time in ages they've given me some good, mood lifting news – it's graudually "fading", so as to say. I can see where they're coming from. I haven't had a major seizure in about four years, and in total the number of notable ones I've had this year stand at four as of yesterday. That's pretty good considering I used to get them on an almost daily basis.

I guess I'm one of those cases of kids whose epilepsy just wears off, like some sort of childhood allergy which just goes away in the transit to adulthood. I've astounded the Doctor's and Nurse's, who keep telling me how rare it is, and how lucky I am. I guess I am really, though getting meningitis in the first place probably wasn't the best of luck. It did kind of impact on my childhood; I haven't met many other 16 year olds that walk around wearing dodgy helmets. At least I've been banned from P.E, anyway.

So here I am, sitting in the Patient TV room on my ward. I reside on Floor Three, in the Short Stay ward when I'm here, seeing as I haven't needed any major hospital equipment in years. The TV flickers a bit, and it's always dark and dingy, but I like this box room. There's a little box of books and a drinks machine.

The door opened to my left, much to my surprise. No one ever comes in here.

"Oh, sorry!" A brunette girl appeared through the crack, "Am I disturbing something?"

"This isn't the Parents Room," I mumbled back, "Anyway, I was just about to leave."

She came in fully, a put a hand out to stop me, "Don't feel obliged to leave just because of me!"

"If you insist," I replied, noticing her staff badge, "You work here?" I blurted out, unable to stop myself.

She sank into the plastic patent chair next to me, and replied, "Well, technically yeah, but I'm only a Receptionist. Not even that, really." She grinned, then extended a hand, "I'm Annie."

"Felix," I muttered back, only able to focus my eyes on her chipped blue nails, "Patient."


"Yeah, but not much."

"What's wrong?" She said, then covered her mouth, "Sorry, sorry. It's probably personal isn't it?"

"Nah, it's okay," I felt strangely at ease with her. She must have been about my age, maybe a bit older, "Epilepsy. I'm only really in for tests, I should be at College."

"Oh," She said, "I'm sorry. What college are you at?"

I shook my head, now smiling slightly, "St Luke's, up the road."

She smiled wryly, then leaned back into her chair, extending her trainer clad feet to rest on the manky side table, "Ah. I was supposed to be going there, but I didn't get the right GCSE grades. So I'm taking a year out, then I'll probably go back and do an Art course or something." She turned to me, "I'm boring you with my life, aren't I?"

"Nah, it's nice to meet someone who has a life outside of here," She cocked an eyebrow, "Everyone I know here seems to be a permenant fixture."

"Do you ever get used to it here?" She asked, flicking a bit of hair out of her face, "It's so . . . sterile."

"You do, especially when you have to sleep in a room where the only other pieces of furniture are two medical disposal bins and a board of wires and cables."

She chuckled, and we both sighed and leant back into the sqeaky chairs. Neighbours was still playing on the TV, with two women screaming at each other about an affair.

"I've been watching this religiously since I started working here," Annie muttered to my side, "It's kinda rubbish isn't it?"

"Yeah," I agreed, and we both giggled, "Surprising how hospitals makes the most boring shows suddenly interesting. I don't think I've ever been more thankful for the computer suite. The old hospital didn't have one."

"God," She muttered, "I guess I'm kinda lucky for being at home, right?"

"Well, at home my parents just argue, but here you get fussed over." Why was I telling this girl my issues.

"Damn," She adjusted her feet, "Well, I guess I'm better off than a lot of people I've met then!"

"Well, I don't have to work, which is always an added bonus," I replied, and she playfully ruffled my hair so my fringe was all over my face.

We chatted like this for a little while, until Annie glanced at her watch and jumped up, "Sorry, got to go. Come visit me at the Reception desk!" She grinned, "Nice meeting you Felix!"

"Bye Annie," I smiled at her, then sunk back into the sweaty plastic, watching her back as she half-skipped, half-jogged down to the lift. Her offer seemed almost inviting; the Receptionists were pleasant enough and always gave me a friendly nod whenever I went down to the little café. I hadn't realised there was a new Receptionist – Annie -, or I would have gone and said hi. I'm pretty good socially, it's one of the few things I excel at besdies creative writing and flirting. Actually, the latter comes under being a 'social butterfly', doesn't it? Ah well, flirting comes in handy a lot, it's possibly the easiest way to get people to do thigns for you.

- - -

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