a postcard from my sleep

i dreamed of you last night but i never remember
a time when you're face was purer,
you were as white as the card that i would
receive from you years after that kiss…

…i received that postcard in my sleep last night
(the one that you promised me i would receive.)
the one that would tell me about your time in the service

fighting for our family's freedom.

(you knew you were risking everything by leaving)
but this was the one promise that you know you needed to keep…

unfortunately, that postcard was one,
that i never wanted or hoped to see

(it was the one that said you'd never come back)
the one that told me you'd be in heaven tonight.

and i began to cry in my sleep
(i hope my tears make the streets of paradise sparkle)

but i just thought i'd write and tell you
just how much you mean to me even though
you no longer exist.

you are in my heart, and in my mind
and every time I close my eyes and check
my mailbox just hopeing that a (new) letter
will come to confirm that the other was simply
a mistake.

and that i will hold you in my arms again
(you have no clue how much i miss your touch)
your love and your life.

and if i never see you again,
this will be my letter to heaven
(saying my last good-byes)