The Struggle of Song

As songbirds, the melody sings sweetly.

I try to mimic, but do not prevail.

My saddening attempts come out weakly,

And I think I should ultimately fail.

Oh Beethoven, help me to understand.

These lyrical concertos mean nothing.

What euphonic tunes can come to my hand?

What euphonic tunes could I be trilling?

A sweet Siren song I wish to achieve.

I should craft a marinade for the ears.

Music is my calling, I sure believe,

And to have success, I should have no fears.

The key to success is B natural.

To play music isn't profound at all.

A/N: A beautiful (coughcough) sonnet I wrote for an English assignment. I should have the next chapter of my other story up within the next weekish. I'm sick so I have a little time to do stuff. Anyway, my darlings, please review!