A Couple Shots

Betaed by the utterly fantastic VelvetSea. Love ya, babes!

It only took me five hours of being with the man to make me realize I never wanted to leave.

He was, in every sense, a god. I would rather be on my knees, worshipping him (and more than that) than be anywhere else in the world.

We sat together in the make-up trailer, laughing uproariously and eating candy. We sat in the cafeteria together, testing other people's foods when they weren't looking and laughing hysterically and running away when they did.

We sat (actually, I stood and he knelt) in the pool, soaking wet, our clothes clinging tightly and revealingly onto our figures, letting people shout directions at us and take pictures of our every movement. We grinned and splashed each other whenever everyone left us alone, and he could finally stand up straight, his towering six foot four frame completely dwarfing my measly five three.

But after those five hours, I was done for the day. Dried and put back in my own clothes, I was to leave while another girl came in and took more shots with him. I was trying not to harbour any jealously for this girl that I had never met, but it was a bit difficult. I was a lucky bitch just for being able to work with him for a couple hours, she would get the privilege of spending the rest of the day with him, taking pictures that would never go into the magazines and making good, happy memories that wouldn't belong to me.

I was just getting into the golf cart that was going to take me away from the sets when I heard him bellowing my name. He came barrelling out from behind a trailer, and his anxious expression melted into a relieved one.

Wow. If this was a chick flick, surely the boy was about to get the girl, kiss her with the promise never to leave her, and the credits would roll while some sappy, girly song blared out of the speakers. No thanks, man.

I was out of the cart and sending it on its way before he had ever begun to stride toward me. But since he did have the fricking longest legs in the world, he was there before I could properly dust myself off and fix on a disinterested look.

"I'm so glad you heard me and got out," he started to ramble, the words tumbling out and climbing all over each other, "the other girl just called and told them that she had to cancel and they told me I might be able to find you and beg you to take a few more shots."

He smiled hopefully down at me, and it was extraordinarily hard trying to keep back a squee as his dimples came out and his hair flopped messily around his face. "How many more shots?"

"Uh… a fair few?"

I pursed my lips and tried to look thoughtful, knowing I had nothing else planned for the day other than a big date with Ben and Jerry's. "I suppose I could-"

"Oh, that's brilliant!" He clapped his hands and rubbed them together excitedly, already turning around to walk away.

"One condition though!"

He turned back around with an arched brow, awaiting my condition.

"One kiss,"

Hey- just because I didn't want a chick flick didn't mean I didn't want a kiss.

His brows furrowed, his look conflicted. He was surely thinking of his girlfriend back at their home, eagerly awaiting his return.

"It's not like anyone here will tell her," I added, knowing what he was thinking. I nodded at the lot we were in, telling him the truth. It was ridiculously crowded- but not with people- with monstrously huge, no windows whatsoever, back ends of at least fifty trailers.

It's a wonder that that golf cart even made it in here.

"One kiss?"

"One kiss," I confirmed, trying to hide my anticipation.

He was towering over me before I blinked, one massive hand running up my neck and cupping my cheek. I was suddenly breathless, unsure. I had never been kissed by anyone before, why did I decide it had to be with this man I hardly even knew?

He hunched downward and tilted up my chin, running his thumb over my trembling lips. I licked my lips, nervous, and looked up at him as he dipped down and pressed his lips against mine.

It wasn't like anything I imagined- our noses bumped roughly against each other and I felt his teeth skim and bump mine as my mouth seemed to act completely devoid of my brain and dropped open, beckoning him in.

He was delicious- his smell, a loud smell of manliness and the sharp smell of cinnamon, with the comforting taste of tacos and dr. pepper evaded my senses and completely overpowered me in a way I didn't even know and smell and taste could accomplish.

I was suddenly off my feet, defying gravity, as he wrapped my legs around his slim hips and pressed me against one of the trailers, the cold hard plastic contrasting sharply with the burning hot feeling of his bare skin against my own. He had a hand fisted in my hair and the other pressing against the trailer, keeping both of us up. The heavy feeling of his body pressed against mine was so comfortable, made me feel so utterly complete I wondered vaguely in the back of my mind I hadn't jumped the man in the pool earlier and shagged him in the water.

His warm fingers suddenly pressed against the feverish skin on the bottom of my upper thigh, and I squeaked, alarmed. He laughed into my mouth, more a breath than anything else, and his fingers continued to run upward, brushing places no one had ever touched.

Jesus, he was handsy.

I must have blacked out or something because the next thing I knew my feet were on the ground, keeping me up –if unsteadily- and he was looking down at me, biting his bottom lip.

Deep breath, girl! You just had your first kiss and snog, and possibly made it to first base, at the exact same time. You don't remember why he would be looking down at you worriedly or why you can't remember your name.


I took a deep, shaky breath letting the memories come back. "All right," I said, wincing as I heard my voice come out high and shaky, "let's take some pictures, shall we?"

The next kiss was more like a glomp-bear hug thing with a lip bump included. When he pulled away he was smiling- with dimples, thank you very much, they utterly killed me- and he was taking my hand and racing back to the set, practically skipping in unadulterated glee.

Damn. Who's the lucky bitch now?