duchenne smile

the crinkles increase in
viridian winking eyes
as your carmine lips curve
slightly at first-
it deepens
and you share with me
your duchenne smile-
so refined;
so stunning;
so breathtaking;
my heart quickens
and i just can't quite
catch my breath-
and you always

. . . . . . . . always;
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . always;))

have beautifully simple words
of 'i trust you' and 'i love you'
and while you're just joking
i can't help but fall and yet
you're not there to catch me;
you caught her instead
but still you flash
your charming duchenne smile
and wink your soulful eyes
and i fall again;
tumbling into divine decree
of never meant to be