"The Cure of Life?"

(To make things clear, this is a sonnet I made for English class. Ithas ten syllables each line and rhymes every two lines)

The merry man does sing of love and art
'Without these all, we're but balloons that pop
For all these things make beauty in the heart
Bereft of them, we'd well ask life to stop!'

The holy man does sing of therapy
'To train the mind to never, ever roam
I say a word like "Om"—you ignore me
Much later, your subconscious would say "Om."'

The insane man does sing of war and sin
'Kill and take from men their sacred power!
To shake their faith and shatter kin from kin
To dash their hope 'til they, like cats, cower.'

The quiet man has nothing more to say
To him, a tree might sway whichever way.