my little bottle is empty now
and so is my mind.
but on it there was a ninety-nine percent guarantee
that i would eventually be happier
it even had a doctor's recommendation
(i guess that even that wasn't enough)

but in searching a vacant parking lot
a new recommendation i heard…
from a supreme healer and all it took
was the reading of a long book.

i found myself engrossed
in stories of men in fish, burning bushes
and a man whose strength was lost
because of his haircut.

every story had a message
and filled me up just as my pills
(but a change was becoming)

the chemical reaction was actually
changeing my body, my attitude,
my everything.

by the time I finished the book
and read the words etched in the leather cover
i knew that it had worked.

and now I know the difference between a ninety-nine
and a one hundred percent guarantee