A/N Well, here's another short story that I threw together, short meaning nearly 50 pages of course. So I split it up and this here be the first installment. There will be more, don't worry.

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Dani hummed as he walked down the sidewalk, carefree as ever, a bag of groceries on one hip, his free hand whipping a set of sunglasses from his pocket and placing them in their spot on his face. It was a hot, sunny day, and even though he'd lived in Maui for years his attire was completely tourist. Sporty little 'Hawaiian' tee and short khaki shorts. Let's not forget the mandals either. He had the surfer–boy hair though, sun-lightened brown and tight little curls at his shoulders. The hair at the top was flat from brushing it out while it was wet, but it was all extremely fluffy.

He hummed as he headed back to his little condo, as bouncy as ever, greeting his neighbors as he went. He grinned a bit at his set back piece of property, remembering all the stories he had to hear of as he moved in and lived in the area. It was a tale of a family that had lived there centuries ago who had had a son and daughter that were so beautiful the gods cursed them to keep their beauty from driving the people of the island into insanity. Dani remembered chuckling at the story of the two cat children that couldn't die. It was all just an island folktale to him.

He thumped up his stairs and let himself into his house, putting the groceries away and heading back to open the back door. He felt like grilling for dinner so pulled out some chicken and let it marinate while he got the grill out and ready. He turned it on, still humming his mindless tune, and jumped when he heard something crash behind him. Dani whipped around and sighed in relief when he saw a little white cat, hissing at a broken flowerpot.

He chuckled. "Well, as much as you might be frightened, it's not gunna do anything to ya sweetie," he said, kneeling down. He snapped his fingers and cooed. "C'mere, it's okay." The cat stared at him and came cautiously closer, its lithe little body close to the ground and ready to spring should Dani do something strange. Dani just chuckled again and reached up to his marinating chicken, grabbing a knife and one of the smaller pieces. He held it out and the cat came closer quickly, taking the little piece and almost forgetting to be careful as it gnawed on it and purred.

Dani smiled and reached out, running his hand over wonderfully soft fur. "You're pretty. Where'd you come from?" he asked. The cat just purred and swallowed the meat, moving in and rubbing against Dani's leg as cat's do. Dani smiled and scratched behind the white stray's ear before he stood and went back to cooking.

He'd expected the cat to go but the soft white creature had other ideas and rubbed continuously against Dani's legs, purring and letting its tail twitch.

Dani chuckled and looked down, noticing the large eyes, one green and one blue, looking up at him pleadingly. "Whatcha want, huh? More food? How about I get you some milk," he said, putting the chicken on the grill. He closed the lid and walked into the house, the cat stopping at the door and watching him curiously. He smiled and turned to the fridge, pulling out the milk and grabbing a little dish. When he turned back he was almost disappointed to see that the cat was no longer there.

He sighed and frowned. Just when he thought he'd have someone to keep him company during his normally boring dinner. He shrugged and brought the bowl out anyway, almost jumping again when he heard a soft, trilling meow come from the area of his table. He looked back and grinned as the little cat stared at him expectantly and almost excitedly.

"I thought you left. Silly kitty, here," he said, putting the bowl down. The cat mewed and started purring again, lying down and lapping at the sweet cream that it hadn't had in years. Dani smiled and ran his hand down its sleek back before turning back and finishing his cooking. The cat looked up and licked around its mouth, watching Dani with interest and wondering. He purred softly and waited, figuring it might as well wait until Dani was ready to eat.

The surfer finished the chicken and stepped inside for a minute, heating up some vegetables he'd made the night before and adding them to his plate, grabbing a drink and slipping back outside to join his new friend at the table. He plopped down and sighed, furrowing his brow when he noticed the still full dish of cream.

"Huh, not interested? Most cats would have that gone by now," he said, forking some chicken into his mouth. The cat mewed softly and purred as he went back to lapping at the milk he'd been given, delighted at having this little treat. He watched Dani through his big eyes, the delicate way he ate despite the rough appearance that he'd seen on many of the surfers. He licked his lips and allowed his eyes to scan the man's face, his gentle eyes and strong features. It didn't take much to decide that he liked him.

The cat finished his milk almost as soon as Dani finished his meal, Dani smiling and taking all the dishes back inside. The cat just stayed on the table and waited, his ears perking up happily when Dani came back out, carrying a book, dressed in a pair of loose shorts for the evening. He plopped down on the hammock and the cat stared from the table, contemplating before deciding he'd try and join Dani. He seemed nice enough so the cat didn't seem too worried about it. He hoped off the table and made his way over, sitting next to the hammock where Dani looked down at him.

He meowed and flicked his tail, his ears perked as he stared at Dani staring at him. Dani chuckled.

"Well, are you going to join me?" he asked. If the cat could have smiled he would have and he jumped up onto the hammock, landing lightly on Dani's abdomen, careful with his nails. He lay down as Dani chuckled and his toned stomach bounced, purring when that gentle touch returned and nuzzling in.

Dani grinned. "So…where did you come from, eh? You're awfully pretty for a stray," he said. The cat purred happily at the compliment. Dani just smiled, running his hand over the soft white fur, feeling the sleek, well built form. This cat couldn't be a stray. It was way too gorgeous.

It stayed until dusk, when Dani jumped as the cat mewed and looked up at the darkening sky. Dani stared at it a moment and furrowed his brow. "Something wrong?"

The cat looked at Dani and purred a bit, standing and nuzzling his head beneath Dani's chin, earning a giggle, before he jumped down, his tail swishing gently. Dani called to him but he rushed off into the foliage and deeper into the trees.

"Hey, wait a minute?" Dani called. He sighed when the cat didn't come back and shrugged, getting to his feet and heading inside to bed. He had to admit, he felt a little abandoned. The cat had been the most affection he'd received in ages having been dumped months ago and unable to get the guy he was courting to cave one way or the other. He sighed as he crawled into bed, snuggling in for a good night's rest.

Dani jumped while he was cooking breakfast and whipped around to find the source of the scratching. His little white cat was at his back door, mewing softly, his nails scrapping over the screen. He sighed and smiled, walking over happily.

"Well hey there. I thought you were gone for good," he said, opening the door. He stared at the cat staring at him. "Well are you coming in?" He chuckled when the little dart of white hurried inside, shutting the door and watching the way the cat almost seemed to appraise his home. The cat jumped onto the couch after a moment and purred as it snuggled into a pillow.

Dani laughed and walked over, scratching the cat lovingly. "So I take it you'll be staying with me, huh?" the cat just purred. "All right then, what would you like for breakfast?" At that the cat perked up and followed Dani back into the kitchen to enjoy a little tuna and some more milk.

Dani sighed as he sat down with his eggs and sausage, watching the cat eat, smiling as he listened to the contented purrs. "So, if you're going to be staying with me then you might as well have a name. Let's see…Snow? No, that's tacky…Salt? No, you're too pretty for a name like that," he said. He sighed and hummed as he stared at his new friend, smiling when those big, jewel-like eyes met his. "Oh….how about Jewel?" The cat perked up and mewed softly, licking tuna from his mouth. Dani smiled. Jewel it was.

They finished their breakfasts and then Dani found himself relaxing on his couch, watching TV with a little purring ball of fluff on his lap. He sighed and looked around. He'd have to go shopping. He didn't have anything for a cat, even though he was allowed to have a pet and had been thinking about it. With careful hands he moved Jewel who woke and stared at him indignantly.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but I'm going to go out and get some stuff for you. Can't have you living here without anything of your own. I'm gunna run to the shop and see what I can find. You wait here, for me, all right?" he asked. Jewel just mewed softly and curled back into a pillow. Dani smiled and hurried off.

He ended up with a little bed for Jewel, a sparkling little collar, turquoise so it matched both of his eyes somehow, a set of dishes, and a litter box. He couldn't bring himself to buy cat food, it just looked too disgusting, so he got more tuna instead and a few cans of different fish.

When he got back it was to Jewel exploring the house. "Hey Jewel? C'mere, I have some stuff for you. Are you hungry?" he called. There was a small mew from the direction of the stairs and he looked over to see Jewel hopping down, running over him and rubbing against his legs happily. Dani smiled and picked him up, chuckling when Jewel nuzzled him again and swiped his tongue against his cheek.

He walked him into the kitchen where he'd put all the bags, and put Jewel on the table, digging out the pretty little turquoise collar and holding it up. Jewel stared at it. "This is so people know you have an owner now. See, this tag says your name and my phone number," he said, opening the little decorative gem. Jewel jumped when it made a light ringing sound and Dani chuckled. "Sorry, I forgot to mention that part. Here, let me put it on." He opened it and held it out and cautiously Jewel lowered his head. Dani strapped the collar on loosely and scratched behind Jewel's ear before he made his way to the sink to wash the dishes and set a place on the table for him, heating up what was left of last night's dinner and fixing Jewel a meal of his own. The white cat purred happily as he ate and joined Dani for a brief snuggle before he noticed how late it was. He hopped off the couch and hurried to the door, pawing it lightly and mewing.

Dani peeked over the couch and looked down at his little cat. "Oh…you don't know how to use a litter box. Okay, here," he said and he jumped up, opening the door. He gasped as Jewel darted past him and rushed into the trees. He sighed and waited, staring into the trees, and frowned when a half hour went by and there was no Jewel. He sighed heavily and shut the door, slumping as he headed upstairs and collapsed lonely into bed.