Fourteen years later…

"Mom! I can't find my shoes!" My thirteen year old son yelled, running half way down the stairs. I sighed and turned away from my conversation with Michelle.

"Ryan, there behind your door, for the third time. How about next time you listen to me speaking." I yelled back with a shake of my head. "And get your little sister and tell her to stop jumping on her bed." I said referring to my six year old daughter Kayla.

"Fine!" He yelled then stomped up the stairs.

"So what were you saying about Carmon?" I asked going back to our conversation.

"Well she has been having trouble with her brother. Since they are twins and are both having their fourteenth birthday party together there fighting about stupid things, like how Jacob doesn't want to have Carmen invite her boyfriend." My eyebrows went up.

"She has a boyfriend, since when?" I asked surprised. Not that she could get one but my brother wouldn't normally allow it.

She laughed. "Well I talked to Aiden and after some talking, and yelling, I got him to let her date. He is not taking it well though." I nodded my head knowing that was my brother in all ways.

A little boy ran into the room holding a little blue bear. "Mommy where dada?" He asked going to Michelle. She picked up her two year old son and placed him on her lap.

"He is out right now with your uncles and should be back soon okay?" She said kissing his head. He nodded and waved out to me. I smiled and waved back.

I heard the front door open and turned my head to see the boys walk in with a girl that was Ryan's age. I smiled at her as she entered. "Hello Jessie, how are you doing.?" I asked.

"Very good how about you?" She smiled.

"Very good."

Carter walked towards the stairs and started to yell. "Hey Ryan your little girlfriend is here to see you!" Jessie blushed and I giggled at her embarrassment. Poor girl.

"DAAAAAADDDD!" Ryan bolted down the steps and into the living room. "Were leaving now!" He yelled then grabbed the girls' hand and walked out of the house closing the door.

"That's my boy!" Carter said slumping on the couch. "So where are the kids?" He asked as Aiden and Gavin took seats also.

"Mia is out driving to the movies to meet with some of her girlfriends and then Kayla is in her room doing god knows what. What about yours Michelle?" I asked turning to her.

"Carmen is out with her boyfriend Aaron, Jacob is out with some friends and this little one is right here." She said passing Jake to Aiden.

My cell phone started to ring and I looked at the front to see Mia's name pop up. I flipped it open and answered. "Hello?" I said into the phone.

"Mom! Some jack ass just rammed into my car!" She yelled. I then heard another voice in the background.

"What the hell are you talking about? I was driving and you missed the stop sign!" A boy yelled, sounding around eighteen or nineteen.

"You shut up! Just wait until my father gets here!" She screamed to the boy.

Here we go again…