For months we lived a fairy tale, and that silly happily ever after ending seemed possible after all, maybe not quite how it was in the storybooks, we never could slay the dragon, but we did our best, and that was good enough for us, and we thought outside of the box, it wasn't always a knight and a princess, but we found true love, didn't we? In our own twisted way, it was all working out, we could do it, we could choose to love instead of hate, we could choose to help each other, to work together, not fuck each other over to get to the top, no, we choose solidarity, we chose friendship, we chose family, we chose to leave the door open, and not lock it, even at night, because we believed we could trust each other, and it worked, didn't it? Weren't we happy? The closest I've ever been, that's for sure, and it was beautiful, but was it real? Even then, there were secrets, there were lies, there were visits to the hospital at 4 am, and the thought that, if everything was so perfect, we wouldn't need drugs, would we? The thought that the dragons were too big, and we could never, ever beat them, but there were times when it seemed like we were almost winning, and if we sang loud enough, the whole world would listen, and they would understand, and they could join us in our fairy tale life, they could see that it's possible, that the world can be so much more beautiful than they ever imagined, you just have to take that chance, you have to risk it all, and maybe you'll end up with that perfect ending, well, we were wrong, no happily ever after for us, we risked too much, and our offerings of peace and love were met with violence and hate, our secrets and lies devoured us, we trusted too much, in the end they were all right, and our mourning for our utopia long gone is met with snide "I told you so"s and "welcome to the real world"'s, we try not to listen to them, there are whispers that maybe, maybe, we could try again, maybe we could pick up the pieces, or just start over, but maybe we could make something beautiful again, maybe this sinking feeling of doubt is just one more dragon we need to slay, but maybe if we come together, we can do it, and maybe then we'll live happily ever after