The Mental Patient and the Asylum!
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Melissa was 25 years old. She had a best friend named Danielle. They both lived in the popular NY state. Melissa had brown hair and green eyes that made men melt. Danielle had chocolate brown hair and brown eyes. She too was attractive.
Although she was a very normal person, went to school, stayed away from drugs, went out on dates,... she had an unusual job that sometimes got the best of her. She would stay awake, scared of the nightmares to come... the nightmares of the descriptions of the horrid mentally disabled patients. If you haven't guessed, she's a pshychiatrist. Shrink to be simpler. Although she loved to help others, she enjoyed her job, but she couldn't stand the depressing, agonizing stories they told her. danielle would always ask " Why do you continue that infernal job?" and Melissa's answer remained the same... " I have to".
On that rainy night, it was 7:00 pm and Danielle was hanging out at Melissa's parents house with her, just finishing a delicous meal of steak and side dishes. Rain drillled on the window, and lightening flashed, sending streaks of bright light into the room... sometimes suprisisng her. Immediatly, it was followed by a roar of thunder, often in the distance, some close by. This didn't affect her anymore, not the petty lightening storms... what she heard was worse... far worse.
" Thank God you are home tonight Mel." Danielle said, picking up plates and piling the dishes into the bubbly sink.
" Yea, well Danni you know I love my work.. if it wasn't for the fact that I have to take the shifts at the Asylum, MAYBE I would't look as dead." Melissa replied, staring at her pale tired comlpexion in the large mirror in the dining room. Dead wasn't the word. She looked UN-dead. Black circles outlined her eyes, and her eyes looked sunken. She could barely keep up with the conversation.
" True, but How do you do it? I wouldn't have the stomach nor the patience... some decisions are right infront of their noses and they need o see a Shrink to understand." Danielle said, spilling water and soap all over the floor.
" damn.." She muttered, grabbing a paper towel from the cabinet and quickley mopping up the floor.
" Well, if you must know, It has been a talent. I like solving problems." Melissa said, turning from the awful face in the mirror and walking into the kitchen to find Dannielle scrubbing the floor innocently.
Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, went MElissa's beeper. Danielle's face dropped. "NO." She said solemnly.
" I have TO... if you want come with me." Melissa said, grabbing her coat and bag. She pulled a small GAP bookbag that held records and papers from the Asylum. Dannielle dropped the dishes, one clattered and broke. She grabbed the keys muttering " I'll get the car started." She forget to stop the water.
" Mom... WORK!" melissa yelled up the flight of carpeted stairs toward her mother. "Sure hun.." She yelled shaking her head. What a shame, she thought, that my daughter works with Nuts.

The car blared down the Highway doing 75 MPH. The small BMW couldn't handle itself in the downpour of rain. Melissa wipped out her cell.
She dialed frantically, her hands shaking. They never beeped her before... she thought... unless there was an emergency. Her stomach tightened. She hoped she was overreacting, but something told her she knew something was wrong.
" H-Hello? did you beep me?" MElissa said, trying to hide the tenseness in her own voice.. She nodded at herself. Danielle paused and looked at Melissa. She looked tradgic and worried. She turned back to the road and sped onward.
"No.... Oh No is she hurt? Did the patient do anything else? Why Yes... I'm coming right now. I'll be there in 15 minutes." She hung up.
" What was that all about?!" Danielle asked, quickly glancing at Melissa as she kept her mind on the slick road as well. As Melissa tried to fasten her phone into the GAP bag, the car bounced and hit a large rock in the road.
" SHIT!" Melissa screamed, grabbing the wheel and swerving it. The phone dropped under the seat. THe car skidded about 12 feet, and finally stopped at the side street. THe both breathed deeply.
" Let's g-go..." Danielle said, pushing the gas ever so lightly.
They traveled the rest of the way doing 50... not worrying about a mysterious phone call.
Finally, as Melissa woke from a troubled nap, she saw the dark sihlouette of the Asylum looming ahead. She could already witness the cell mates, locked up behind bars and behind their own minds. Seeing nothing but pain and torment.... She could already hear them screaming and throwing things from inside the cell, trying to frighten her away. She could smell the urine and mold overtaking the old building. She coould almost feel the stress... being locked inside.. hearing nothing but screaming.......... screams.... of pain... blood.... mutilated and severed body parts.
They arrived at the building much too quick... Melissa thought.
" I much rather the office... thank God I am not here every night." Melissa whispered. THey couple entered the dark and desolate halls. They worked their way to the main office where a cop was arguing loudly with the Head manager.
" You shouldn't have been inside the ASYLUM. The people need their rest! They do not like to be disturbed!" The manager said fiercly. Melissa had only met him months ago and she learned to stay on his good side. THe Cop was from Britain because her accent was that of a British.
" You should have these animals locked up or put to sleep like DOGS! The nerve of that animal! And he ATTACKED ME. I would like to see this no good b*tchy Proffeser that works with this pshyco--" She was cut off as Melissa Coughed loudly.
" Uh. Excuse me, Officer but I don't believe we met and would you refrain from shouting, I hear enough,, thanks!" Melissa shot at the Cop ignoring her impundent stare.
" WHO DO YOU THINK YOU PEOPLE ARE!??" She roared with anger.
" HEY! Listen up lady, I don't care WHO you ARE! You quiet down and don't shout at my friend or her boss because you'll have to deal with ME!" Danielle shouted. She hated when her friends where being picked on.
" Young lady, either you control your patients or you'll be stripped of your title... I could do a better Jo--" She was once again cut off. Danielle was ready to open her mouth and say something she was going to regret, when Melissa placed a hand over her mouth. She shot Danielle a let-me-handle-this look.
" Officer, with all due respect, I know how to treat my patients and I would appreciate it if you didn't threaten or tell me how to do my job... I have succesfully trained for 4 years, so I am advanced. D oyou agree? Now may I get on with my patient without further interruptions? Thank you." she said, shooting a dirty look at the Cop. She mumbled something under her breath and walked out the asylum.
" I was losing patience there. Thanks Mel." Both the Manager and Danielle thanked her.
" Well, she was being very rude...." Melissa started, but stopped.
" Where is the patient?" She muttered instead.
" In the white room, he will stay there for the night. He deliberatly attacked her like a dog and tried to rape her..." The manager cut off.
" Well, we know he has done it before. What's to stop him again? What was she doing in his room anyhow?" She inquired at the manager.
" She showed me her badge and said she was told to inspect the patient. " the manager said quietly. He knew no cops or investigators were to come after hours.
" Next time, Please notify me immediatly..." Melissa said, trudging the stinky hallway while Danielle went back to the car to go to the store and pick up food and drinks for the Night.
Melissa arrived in front of the white room. She could hear the frustrating sqeak,sqeak of a rat or two nearby. She wasn't going to bother calling pest control. They always come back, like instinct. Sort of like herself, she thought, she didn't want to come back, but something always did.She peeked through the small glass window at the reckless, patient inside. He sat on the floor, smiling at the door. Was he staring at her? He couldn't..... she could only see the outside in, not opposite.
" Hello doctor. What an awful day don't you agree?" He said cheerfully. Melissa gasped.. How?
" Well, Doctor, it's simple you see..... the light from the hall got dark so I knew you were standing in front of the door... in case you were wondering...." he said, standing himself up somehow.
She slowly opened the door, trying not to show her nervousness. This patient just showed up one day... he took the place as if he was normal. Yet, he's not. Somehow it seemed he could hear what people thought. She walked into the padded room... It's quite comfortable she thought.
"Oh.. we're leaving so soon?" He said, with fake depression.
" Well, yes. If we hurry I can have a quick session with you. Now, what did you do to the Cop?" She asked stopping abruptly and looking at him.
" Nothing, she looked... fun." He said, licking his lips.
" Oh. Jesus. " She said, frowning. Her stomach tightened and she felt extremely uncomfortable about the way he said "fun".
"what do you mean by fun ?" She asked, dreading the answer.
" The same kind of fun I had with my victims... Have not you seen the papers? Shall I run you through the newspaper reports?
' Homicidal Maniac sexually abused his victims and then slaughtered them.... hmm what else? Oh yes, ' Vitcims between the age 0f 11-17.' Shall I continue? " He said, staring into her eyes. Cold gray eyes he had. They looked... evil. Like he'd done something wrong, but he didn't mind at all. He still believed what he's done was perfectly fine.
" We'll continue this chat later. For know, meet me in my so called office." Dr. Melissa said, turning down a seperate hall. The halls had dark mold growing at the corners, and the musty odor killed you.
" Absolutely." He muttered, turning and taking a different corner. He arrived at a door, walked inside to a comfy office, and sat down. He started dreamily out the window. A breeze whipped his face and he enjoyed the feeling. "Wind..." he said, his voice drifting off, " What a sensational feeling... this-this relaxation thing."
THe door swung open and in came Melissa.
" Mr. Fervado? " She asked him, cautiously.
" Yes Doctor?" He asked aimlessly. He should be locked away, melissa thought to herself, He's a danger to everyone.
" Mr. Fervado, we need to start our session. I would like to ask you some questions. First of all, why do you have such horrid mood swings? Is something bothering you?"
" Well, Doctor, let me ask you something--" He was violently cut off.
" I asked you a question Mr. Fervado, I excpect an answer. Questions in return aren't good enough." Melissa said plainly bold and rudely.
" Okay. And please call me
Alfred. Now, your question is simple: Mood swings are a way to entertain myself and when I get excited, the oldd habit starts up,and I want some fun. Don't you want fun doctor? You go out with your friends,boyfriends, all over. No limit. Yet, I am trapped here, starving for just one step out of this treacherous cell, just one smell of fresh air and grass." he said. His eyes bore into her like fire, making her feel desolate, lonely, and scared.
" Why does your old habit start up Alfred? Do you MAKE it start, or is it controlled?" Melissa asked hesitantly. She swung the soft chair back and forth on it's wheels.
" Tell me, can you control compulsive disorders? Can a person who has enjoyed smoking cut off all at once? Or can a nailbiter never bring his hands to his mouth only after a year? I think not. It's a compulsion.
It's controlled by no one. Stopped by no one."
" Alfred, time is wasting. Is there anything you may want to tell me?"
" Yes, Doctor. You should have shut your water faucet off." He said grinning evily. Melissa's stomach tightened. He lunged at her, knocking her straight to the hard floor. The carpet was pulled up a while ago, so immediatly there was a sickening crack when her body hit the floor. She could feel a small amount of blood seeping out of her skull.
TO BE CONTINUED.................