The mental patient and the Asylum PT 5 *Tis the End*

Melissa craned her neck into different positions to read the letter. The mumblings of a madman in his sleep. What could possibly result? Something..she thought.

Melissa lifted herself off the comfortable couch, and dragged herself to the kitchen to get a glass of orange juice. For some reason, everything was loud to her.... the soft fill of liquid being poured into the cup...the sound of her own gulps as she swallows the juice...she clang of glass on table top as she looks in the mirror with the note in her hand.... and the loud sound of her scream.

Danielle had returned home for the night. She had to get away, she realized. Parents needed her at home. She knocked softly on the wet front door. It had begun to rain. It was nasty out.
Clouds covered most of the sky, making it look ashy gray. Rain poured down as hard as bullets, hammering on everything. Rain flowed down sewers and into basements.
Danielle's mother came out and hugged her daughter. Danielle returned the hug, and enjoyed the smell of her mother's perfume. It took her a second for her to reopen her eyes and scream at the sight. Her mother was dead, and skin fell off her bones in chunks. Veins and flesh hung off her bones. Blood dripped on Danielle's clothes. Her mother smiled,and the half dead skin pulled back to reveal rotted gums. She let out an evil laugh and suddenly Danielle awoke. She had fallen asleep in her home, and realized that nothing was wrong. She was at her house, her dad was home and her mother had been dead for a year now.

Danielle shuddered at the thought.

Melissa screamed. She suddenly ceased screaming when she realized she had cracked the code without knowing it. She looked in the mirror, now covered in orange juice pulp from the scream.

She place the crumpled paper upon the mirror and read.

Everything was BACKWARDS. THat was the trick. She had realized it when she looked in the mirror. Even the order of the WORDS was backwards.

She uncracked the code. The revealed sentence read:

Read her mind--I can do it---I have been all along- tis the end.

It suddenly fit together. He was going to kill himself. Tis the end. It's the end. He's been reading her mind. THat's how he knew about the faucet. That's how he knew she was standing outside the door....

She raced into the car, and zoomed out of the driveway. hoping to make it in time.
Danielle roamed her house for a while longer. She realized it was around eight, and that Melissa would most likely be at the Asylum right now...trying to crack the case.

Danielle decided to go see how she was doing. She bid her father good-bye, and left.
Melissa arrived at the Asylum. She grabbed DAve and pulled him by the collar, out of breath. She couldn't exlplain at the moment. She tugged him to the end of the hallway, where she regained composure. She managed to release:


"Well, no. "


"Well, I remember seeing a pad and pencil in his room with your note to self on it. I don't think we took it out, though."

Melissa suddenly cursed herself for being so thickheaded. She didn;t have time to explain. She told Dave three simple words: tis the end.

SHe burst through the door to find Alfred Fervado standing with a pad to his neck. He was going to kill himself. His wrists were slashed already. Wet blood glistened in the moonlight as it poured all over his arms.

"Mr. Fervado..DONT!" Melissa yelled, searching for the right words.

"You know, I always liked you MElissa. I don't want to be like this. I need to punish him..again"

"No, you don't! You can give me the paper..." Melissa coaxed.

"NO. I need to go there to punish him. Tis the end...tis the end...tis the end... tis the end..." he continuosly muttered tis the end.

"Fervado, listen....don't." Melissa ran out of words.

"GoodBye Doctor. I must admit, you tried. And for everyone's safety, I shall leave. Tis the End. Goodnight." He smiled one last malicious grin, and quickly dragged the rough paper across his neck, making a thin line of blood appear. It trailed down until soon it gushed. Dave and Melissa were frozen in their spots.

His body hit the floor with a thump.

Danielle arrived at the Asylum. Surrounding it were ambulances and Police cars. Sirens flashed and walkie talkies hummed with static. Danielle sensed something wrong and ran up to the door.

A young cop stopped her.

"You need a pass,lady." He said.

"Screw you, my friends in there!" She began to push through when two other FBI agents walked out, helping Melissa and Dave out. THey both were warming in cheap brown blankets.

"WHAT HAPPENED?!" Danielle screamed as a black body bad strolled out of the doorway, and blood dripped.

Melissa stared at the red drop of blood. His blood. No longer would he haunt her....she realized. It was the End. It was over. She would quit this job and spend time with the people she cared about.

She suddenly looked up at Danielle's curious face.

"One will know when the end is here...."she said, "and Danni, the end is DEFINETLY NOW."

Danielle, David, and Melissa turned around and walked away from the towering building that drained people of their sanity.
Perhaps the building itself made people insane...perhaps they weren't ill when they arrived, but the place made them crazy.

Melissa never found out, becaus on that raining night, when the three walked away, she never once returned there...ever again.

The End