She didn't look much like a nursemaid. She knew that, her short muzzle, razor sharp teeth, wicked claws, and even her tri-cloven hooves would stop most beings from thinking that. Then again, her caretakers were not most beings

She arranged things with care, the pillows, the blankets, a baby's bottle. He foster-parents were out, gone to spend some time without the newborn. She volunteered to watch him, and while she was still barely more than a child herself, her foster-parents trusted her judgement.

She adjusted the device, trying to remember everything Amrender had showed her about it. It was supposed to be able to take holographic images with sound and motion. Something that even now she found incredible.

Once she was sure the device was working she went over to the crib and looked into it. He lay there sleeping, so very peaceful and trusting. Her rival...Her replacement. With gentle hands she picks him up and holds him to her nose. He smells like them, Like Amrender and Emirra.

She then carries him to her favorite pile of cushions. She looks at the recording device then the baby in her arms. She settles him in against her side, half covered by one of her massive wings. She clears her throat nervously. It takes her a few moments to relax enough to speak and when she does she closes her eyes for a second, "I am told that this is the 356,894th year of the reign of Kchronos, your just a three days old, this is my second time to get to hold you, The first was three days ago, when I got to carry you to your mother's arms"

The young Rin once more lowers her nose to the snoozing infant curled up against her side. "I really should hate you, you know that Emeroth? I should be very very angry, furious that you have come. Your going to destroy everything in my life, take away the only person who has ever done more than tolerate me"

She looks away for a moment, "Your perfect, your beautiful, Your everything that N'Tar'rin could want in a child. Your everything I'm not. Your innocent, pure, beautiful. I'm just a killer given a second chance. I hear that sometimes when my own kind come to visit. Which isn't often. Your much HIS son"

She swallows then, "You are a real child, not like me. A bit of this, a piece of that, then grow it in a test tube. That's me. You grew under a loving mother's heart. You'll never have to wonder if the one who cares for you will kill you"

"OH how I should DISPISE you for what you are. But I can't do it. You smile at me, you look at me like I'm REAL, like I am something that matters to you, and my heart can't hold such emotions.

"How do you do that Emeroth? How is it that I find myself, whether I want it or not, loving you, did you do something to me? I find myself wanting to hold you all the time. In fact sometimes I'm jealous that Emirra can take care of you in ways I can't.

"That's silly isn't it, she's your mother. You will need her for a while, you grow up so slow compared a Rin at first. By the time I was a year old I could run, speak, even hunt small game. It will take you years to do that, of course by the time we both are ten, we are nearly equal in ability, then you Kchronaens start out-stripping up in age.

"Did you know your father and I are almost the exact same age? Yet I'm still a child and he's your FATHER. I wish he was mine too. He has me call him father, but I know he's not. And that you will eventually take him from me "You don't believe that, yet, do you? But it will happen, your HIS child, how can he not prefer you over me? Your his flesh, his blood, his power mixed with Emirra's. Your all their years of love given flesh.

"I'm just something he agreed to do. Otherwise I'd be in a prison, growing up there, no one at all to care for me or teach me. "So different from you, Little Emeroth. You'll never be beaten for failing to murder someone, you'll never wonder if your food's been poisoned. I will not let you EVER worry about such.

"For some reason, I love you. I don't know why, and unlike other Kchronaens I can feel your emotions, not your thoughts, but your emotions. I think it's because your a baby, all you can do is emotions right now.

"Like right now I can feel your being content with the warmth at your side, the softness that envelopes you. That you feel safe and warm under my wings.

"I almost wish I could be your mother. But I can't be. I'm a 'Mis-born' and I know from my memories that mis-born can't have children. I'll never have anything as perfect as you. Who would want to breed someone like me. Not my own kind, that I know.

"But I'm wondering, and you don't have to answer now, you can't really answer now. But, when you are older, do you think you can let me pretend I'm your real sister? I don't mean because your father takes care of me. I mean as if we were real brother and sister, both having the same mother and father.

"Can you let yourself forget sometimes that my mother was a sample-dish and my father a needle? Can you let me feel as real as you are. I know N'Tar'rin tells me I'm a person because I can do so much good. But I don't FEEL like a person so often. I'm not like them, they know who their parents are. I don't, they died thousands of years before I was even born. They died over four hundred thousands years ago.

"You might have heard of them K'Rana and M'Kay'el. Huge heroes, famous, very famous. I'm nothing like them at all. I'm a shadow of them, you'll not be, I'm sure of it. You'll live to make your father so proud. How can you not with Him and Emirra to take care of you.

"I'll help take care of you too. I'll be your big sister until you grow old enough to be my big brother. Anyone who wants to hurt you will have to go through me. And even though I'm just a young Rin, trust me, it takes something pretty nasty to get through me.

"As much as it hurts Amrender sometimes to think about it. I am trained to fight and kill. I was originally sent to kill him, if he hadn't taken pity on me... So I can protect you from anyone who wants to hurt you, Emeroth. I really can. And I promise, on my word as both S'Kaja'a Asha'A and as T'Kala I will protect you, guard you, love you"

With that the young Rin takes the child back into her arms and holds him very close nuzzling him again with her muzzle, even licking his little face, memorizing taste and smell so she'll know him no matter what.

"I will teach you so many things, Emeroth. So very many things. When your old enough I'll take you hunting with me, teach you how to track, I don't know if your nose will be any good, but your eyes should be.

"I'll even try to teach you how to properly speak Rin. Though that means teaching you how to read my mind. It will be fun and a challenge. So far only Amrender and I can read each other's minds, and then we both have to work at it.

"But we'll have years, hundreds of them, maybe even thousands. And when N'Tar'Rin dies, you can become the one who takes care of me, Until then I'll help Emirra take care of you.

"I'll be like a real big sister, I promise. I will be there for you, I promise and neither S'Kaja'a or T'Kala break their word"
Then the girl takes a blanket and covers herself with it, while covering the infant with her wing, with a thought she turns off the recording device and then lays down for a short nap. She knows soon her young charge will be hungry.