Eleena had just gotten off the phone with her boyfriend, Allen and was waiting for him to come and pick her up to go out. 20 minutes later there was a knock at the door. Eleena quickly checked herself in the mirror before answering the door.

"Hey babe." She greeted as she leaned on the door suggestively.

"You ready to go?" He asked her. She nodded and pushed off from the door. She slipped into her shoes and grabbed her jacket before walking out. After locking the door she met Allen in his truck. They drove and drove.

"So where are we going?" She asked him after a while.

"It's a surprise." He told her, keeping his eyes on the road. Half an hour later, Allen stopped and took out a black cloth. She stared at him in surprise. "Close your eyes. You wouldn't want to spoil the surprise, would you?" He asked. She reluctantly agreed and he wrapped the cloth around her eyes. Once that was done, he continued driving. 10 minutes later, he stopped once again.

"Are we there?" Eleena asked him. He nodded but then remembered that she couldn't see him.

"Yes." He told her. "I'll help you out of the truck in a sec." He told her and she nodded. A moment later she felt the door leave her side and his hands around her waist. He carefully helped her out. Eleena heard the car door close behind her and soon they were walking forward. 5 minutes later they stopped. She felt Allen get behind her and he slowly took the blind off her.

The sight in front of them was nothing Eleena had ever seen before in her life. It was sunset so only half of the sun was visible and the glow the sunlight gave off the lake before them was amazing. Eleena's breath caught in her throat.

"What do you think?" She heard Allen ask from beside her. Eleena repeatedly opened her mouth, but no words would come out. She heard Allen chuckle as he watched her mouth open and close, trying to speak. "Why don't we go closer?" He suggested. Eleena looked him in the eyes and walked with him as he took her hand. They walked to the edge of the shore. The two sat in each other's arms for 20 minutes, watching the sun reflect off the water as it went down. Finally Allen got up. Eleena stared up at him. He grabbed her shoulders and lifted her up so she was standing. Even after she was standing, he wouldn't let her go.

"Allen, what are you doing?" She asked him, getting frightened. He led her into the water and eventually dropped her. He straddled her waist and took hold of her throat. "What the fuck are you doing?" She screamed as he shoved her head under water. A few seconds later, he let her come up for air.

"Did you really think that I wouldn't find out that you were cheating on me with BOTH of my best friends?" He shouted in her face. Eleena's eyes widened. "Yeah, I know you little fucking whore." He stated before pushing her head under water once more. He waited a few more seconds before letting her come up for air a second time. Allen didn't give Eleena much time before he pushed her head under again. He kept doing that, waiting a few seconds longer every time until finally he didn't. 5 minutes after Eleena had stopped struggling to get free of him, Allen finally let go of her. He checked her pulse and was glad when he found none. He then kicked her before pushing her out into the waves to carry her out to the middle of the lake.

Once his task was finished, Allen walked back to his truck and drove home. No one ever saw Eleena or Allen again. Some say that Allen killed himself after he killed Eleena from guilt and loneliness, but they will never know how wrong they are.