The stars don't shine anymore. They don't. I promise. You can look if you want, all you will see is the black sky. Sometimes the moon will come out from behind a cloud. It eerie the way it peaks out, only to slide back behind the next one. The house fell down last week. We always knew it would. The boards have been warping and rotting for years. We did our best to keep it up, but in the end, everything falls down. The little one doesn't understand what's happening and I don't know how to explain it. What do I tell her? That sometimes-bad things happen? That sometimes God just forgets about people? We slept in a park the other night for a few hours it was nice until the police woke us up. They are always much nicer to us…I think it's the baby. I'm putting the girls on a bus in two days. They are going back to Cleveland. I know that mom cant say no to them, especially if I'm not standing next to them. We miss you. And i'll miss them. I haven't told them that they are leaving yet. I pulled some quarters out of a fountain this morning, ill use it to buy them some sandwiches for the long ride back to Ohio. Maybe they will hate me less if they aren't hungry for once. I like how during the day we look so happy. I'm sitting on bench writing while the girls are playing in the park. It's funny really, How normal we look.