I've only been talking to you for thirty minutes but already I know you. we've broken through, we've made that connection, somehow we were both in the right place at the right time to end up sitting across from each other in a coffee shop, and how often do you think things work out like that? I'm not saying its fate, but I am saying it's a pretty wonderful coincidence that we would meet. We could have lived our whole lives and never laid eyes on each other, and we wouldn't have known what we were missing. Our lives would have worked out fine, we would have moved on, we wouldn't have known, but we'd be missing this one chance encounter, this moment that just slightly tweaks how we think in feel. It's such a tiny change, we hardly even notice it, but maybe it means everything. Maybe having met you, this conversation here with you, tonight, maybe in ten years, that will be the reason I don't jump off that bridge. Who the fuck knows? Maybe it means nothing, but I don't really believe that, because everything means something, even if it's something tiny. You mean something, that's for sure. I want to tell you that, I want to make sure you know. Sometimes people don't know. They go through their lives thinking they don't mean shit. That's sucks. People shouldn't feel like that. They need to be told how much they matter, you can't tell somebody that too many times. They need to know. You need to know that you're beautiful too, you know that? No, don't laugh, don't look at me like I'm crazy, I'm not. No, it's not just the drugs. This is real. This is important. We won. We beat the system that keeps us all apart and isolated and alone and scared. We found each other. No, I'm not saying we're soulmates, you know I don't believe in fate, I'm just saying that connections like this are so beautiful and so valuable and so rare, we can't waste them. I'll never tell you, I'll never say it out loud, I wouldn't dare, there's not nearly enough drugs in my system for this, but in this moment, I love you. i love you and every other dumb kid in this café, even the ones that rolled their eyes at me, I don't care, I fucking love them. Life's too beautiful and too wonderful to waste being angry. You made me remember that, without even saying it. You made me wake the fuck up. I needed that.