To Seek A Story

Be patient, and let it

Come to you itself.

In return, let it live

Inside of you, always.

You'll catch far more with

Honey than vinegar, so

Bring a dish of the liquid gold

To encourage those that come.

Once you find one, wrap it gently

In a web of ideas, but remember:

You must let them out once

You start on your journey.

Bring them everywhere with you

And listen to the words

They say. They're more important

Than you might think.

If they nag you to write,

Oblige them if you can.

If you can't,

Firmly say no.

Sadly, once the tale is written,

The idea will perish.

Send their remains to the sky

And remember their story.

But remember,

Other ideas are everywhere:

In the air and sky

In the water, and underground.