The New Bloom

Author: Ilze09

Summary: As the flower dies, her love does the same. However, it sprouts somewhere surprising. In a whole new garden…

Rating: PG-13+

Warning: Shoujo-ai and possible Shounen-ai.

Chapter One: An Old Feeling

The petals were wilting, turning the usually pink tinted leaves to an ugly brownish-green color. The head of the formerly brilliant piece of botany began to droop, looking towards the ground as if sorrow was causing its wilting.

A sigh escapes the lips of the blonde girl as she gently petted the head of the wilting flower.

The girl's lips frowned in a pout as her brilliant blue irises shone brightly as she watched her beloved flower lean towards its demise.

"My flower's dying." She said sadly as she tucked her knee under her chin and watched the flower sadly.

"What's that?" Asked a male voice from the bathroom.

Sighing, the girl sat up straight and stood. She stretched as she walked over to the coat rack and grabbed her jacket.

"Nothing." The blonde girl said as she threw her coat over she shoulders, watching as the boy made his way out of the bathroom.

He was a tall, masculine male. He had dark black skin with shoulder-length black hair which he wore feathered with a few streaks of blonde. The boy's brown eyes lit up as he gave his girlfriend and million-dollar grin and put an arm around her.

"Something wrong, baby?" He asked as he looked down at the blonde.

She smiled up at the boy and simply shook her head, "No, no. Just talking to myself… but something might be wrong if you don't hurry up and get dressed." She stated as smacked her boyfriend's toned chest.

The man rubbed her pectoral and frowned, "Ouch. Why so rough, Gen?"

Gen, the blonde, simply placed her hands on her hips and sighed, "Well, loverboy, you are the one that insisted that we go have dinner with your parents and sister tonight and now you're going to make us late because you refuse to put on a damn shirt."

"Shirt? Who needs a shirt?" He asked, flexing his well-toned torso.

Gen simply rolled her eyes, "Storm, if you don't get dressed then I'm just gonna go without you and explain to your parents that you were too busy flexing to have dinner with them."

Storm simply rolled his eyes and trudged back into the bathroom, "Fine, fine but I don't see why you worry. My parents love you!"

Gen crossed her arms and leaned against the wall, "Well, let's try to keep it that way. Plus, I haven't met your sister yet."

The dark-skinned man shouted from the bathroom as he dressed, "You'll like her. She's kind of… odd but don't worry about it. She'll grow on you."

As her boyfriend spoke, Gen made her way over to her dying flower and gave it a few more sprinkles of water.

She had been with Storm for nearly a year and a half. He was great. They'd met when he moved into the area. Gen had been walking down the street when she heard someone playing an acoustic guitar and singing and when she turned a corner, she was met with the brilliant brown eyes of Storm Remington, singer and songwriter extraordinaire!

Of course, she wasn't too impressed with the seemingly homeless guitarist at first that is until he decided to serenade her with his own rendition of 'Fly Me to the Moon' by Frank Sinatra. How he knew that was her all time favorite song she'll never know.

Long story short, they began talking then began dating then began living together. Things were going good… mostly.

Gen sighed as she turned away from her flower as Storm made his way out of the bathroom, now wearing a pair of slim fit black jeans and a white t-shirt. He was a handsome man, and a very good boyfriend.

What reason didn't Gen have to be with him forever?

The two 'love birds' made their way out of the second-story apartment and into their little crappy car. The drive to Storm's parent's house didn't take long but they got to speak a good amount along the way.

"So, tell me about your sister."

Storm thought a moment, "Well, she's adopted, just like yours truly. Uh, she's a year younger than me and was attending college to become a psychologist."


"Yeah, she dropped out."


Storm chuckled, "How can a psycho become a psychologist?"

Gen blinked a few times at the statement, "That's not a very nice thing to say to your sister, Storm."

"Well, she kind of is. The girl is just out there. She's always analyzing people and shit like that. Not that she's judgmental, just… very good at observing things."

"Where does she live now?"

Storm thought a moment, "Last I heard, she was staying with her 'girlfriend' in an apartment a few cities over."


The male must have sensed Gen's confusion and spoke up, "Yeah, Atsuka is gay. She's very open about it too but if she hits on you don't pay much attention. It's just a little game she likes to play."

So, Gen was going to be spending the afternoon with a 'psychotic' lesbian who likes to play games…

The car pulled up the two-story home along the street and Storm stepped out. Gen followed after her boyfriend, taking his hand in her own as they walked up the steps and knocked on the door.

After a moment's wait, the door flew open and Storm's hand was whipped away from her's as she watched Storm fall to the ground after being tackled.

Gen blinked in shock as she watched Storm's attacker stand and place her hands on her hips.

"You're getting lazy, gay boy." The girl said before turning her gaze towards Gen.

Gen was immediately caught off guard and stepped back as she stared into two brilliant brown eyes. Storm had some amazing eyes but these were just… different.

Swallowing hard, Gen forced her gaze away from the eyes of the mystery girl and knelt down to help up Storm. She looked up at the girl as she did so and thought a moment.

She finally spoke up.

"You must be Atsuka…."

To Be Continued.

Author's Notes

So… I'm back and with a brand new Shoujo-ai story!

Sorry about disappearing but I've been super, mega, ultra busy with school, getting ready to graduate, getting ready for college, work, and my band all together. It's been pretty hectic but I'm gonna try to write some more for everyone!

This chapter was pretty short and crappy but I'm gonna try to do better next time.

Anyways, until next time!