The New Bloom

Author: Ilze09

Summary: As the flower dies, her love does the same. However, it sprouts somewhere surprising. In a whole new garden…

Rating: PG-13+

Warning: Shoujo-ai and possible Shounen-ai.

Chapter Eight: Thoughts

She's probably worried.

That was what Gen thought as she looked out the window of Suzu's car as they drove steadily down the road. They'd have a fun day at the arcade and Gen, of course, ruled the day at DDR. No surprises there though.

Atsuka would defiantly be worried upon getting home and not finding Gen. After all, she had told her that she was going to wait for her to get home.

Gen smirked devilishly. Oh well. That's what Atsuka got for leaving her at home with nothing to do.

Suzu yawned as she parked her car outside of Atsuka's place, "Here we are."

"Thanks, Suzu." Gen said as she opened the door. She glanced back at her friend and smiled thankfully, "And don't worry about me. I'm gonna make the right decision… somehow."

The red-head nodded to her as Gen stepped out and shut the door, waving to Suzu as she pulled out and sped off down the street. Gen stretched leisurely as she turned around and headed up the drive. She yawned a bit as she stepped up to the door and blinked a bit in confusion.

The door to Atsuka's apartment was left slightly ajar. Gen stared at the door for a moment before shaking her head and pushing it open, perhaps Atsuka really was worried about her and left the door open in her rush.

However, Gen's eyes widened even more when she stepped into the apartment.

Atsuka's apartment was a mess, more so than normal. The bed had been torn up and thrown across the room and pictures and frames were scattered across the floor. The room was in complete disarray, someone had broken in.

"Dad…" Gen muttered as she looked around the apartment, noting it's emptiness. It had to be the work of her father and his cult. Somehow he knew where she'd gone.

Then, a frightening thought crossed Gen's mind.

Atsuka was nowhere in sight.

She quickly tore through the home, searching each room in an attempt to find some trace of the blue-haired girl she'd grown to care for.

However, she found no success.

Gen fell to the ground, sitting on her knees in the middle of the trashed living room. She couldn't find Atsuka, her father must have gotten to her and…

No, she wouldn't think of what her father would do to her. It was too…


The sound of another's voice caused Gen to look up in surprise, the tears forming in her pupils making it somewhat difficult to figure out who the man was. However, she quickly recognized the man's gentlemanly dress and handsome face.

"Motuba." She spat out the name as she climbed to her feet, her hands clenched into fists.

The rugged yet fashionable gentleman smiled a million dollar set of teeth at the girl and nodded, "Ah, you remembered my name."

"Do you know what happened here?" She questioned. Gen knew very little of the man but she did know that he had some connection to Atsuka's past and that he was not exactly the most innocent individual.

Motuba smirked as he crossed his arms and leaned against the door. Gen could see out the window that the man's expensive limousine was parked carefully on the street and his chauffeur stood awaiting his boss.

"Oh, yes. I know quite well what happened here." He nodded slowly as he ran a hand through his graying auburn locks, "I'm the one that orchestrated it."

"So… it wasn't my father." Gen muttered to herself, feeling somewhat relieved.

A spark flashed in Motuba's eyes and he smiled, "What was that, dear?"

Gen looked up in surprise and shook her head, "N-Nothing. What'd you do with Atsuka?"

"I'm afraid nothing." Motuba said with a sigh, "I was looking for her earlier, as you can see but couldn't find her. I saw someone in here and thought it might be her but all I found was her little toy."

"Little… toy?"

Motuba chuckled lightly, "Gen, that's your name, right? I thought I told you awhile ago not to get involved with Atsuka. You're young and got a whole life ahead of you. Why waste it on a used piece of-"

"Don't talk about her like that."

The gentleman chuckled lightly, "Ah, so you do care about her quite a bit. That's cute. Misplaced, but cute. Look, baby, I know Atsuka Matsuda a lot better than you do. Maybe you should try asking her about her past before you make a commitment to her."

"Don't call me baby." Gen spat out at the man, her teeth clenched. "I don't really know you, Mr. Motuba or about your past relations with Atsuka but I can tell you this. She doesn't want you in her life and neither do I. So, you'd be advised to get the hell out… now."

Motuba smirked and shrugged his shoulders, "Sure, can't go against a lady's word, can I?" The man chuckled as he headed for the door and pushed it open. He prepared to leave but turned his head to address Gen once more before going, "Oh, but Gen. Just so you know, as long as you are keeping me from what I want, you are my enemy. You should be warned that I don't pull any punches and anything is fair game. As long as you are in my way, you're going to get crushed…, baby."

With that, the gentleman made his leave. Gen watched as he headed for his limousine and before long as heading down the road. The blonde sighed as she collapsed on the destroyed bed, holding her head in thought as she did so.

It didn't take long for Gen to pass out from exhaustion. She hadn't gotten much sleep the night before and all the commotion that had just occurred just made her more tired. She took the chance for a quick nap thankfully and was even happier to realize she wasn't going to dream this time.


Gen only got about an hour's rest before she felt some kind of weight on her chest, causing her to stir in her sleep. A familiar feeling on her lips caused her eyes to shoot open, only to stare into two mesmerizing blue pupils.

A light smile crossed Gen's lips as she took in the passionate kiss from Atsuka, who had snuck in and now sat in a sensual position on top of her. The kiss felt nice, possibly even better than the night before. It was a welcoming intrusion to her sleep and, to be honest, an amazing thing to wake up.

Atsuka pulled away from the kiss and smiled as Gen stared up at her, the older girl's blue hair falling into Gen's own blonde locks.

"How'd I know you'd be sleeping when I got home?" Atsuka asked, her seductive smile growing. "Life's that dull without me?"

"Oh, you know it." Gen said as she sat up, planting her lips once again on Atsuka's. She gave the blue-haired girl's bottom lip a quick nibble as she broke away and stood up, stretching leisurely. Only then did she remember that events that had taken place prior to her sleep. "Hey, Atsuka. Someone stopped by for you…"

Atsuka yawned as she took Gen's place on the bed, "Who would that be?"

Gen crossed her arms as she gazed out the window, "Motuba."

There was silence in the room as Gen looked out the window before Atsuka finally broke the quiet, "What'd he want?"

"You." Gen said quickly, biting her lip with a sigh. "Are you ever going to tell me who he is?"

"It's not important, Gen. It's in the past." Atsuka sighed as she got to her feet and walked up behind Gen. She rested her head on the stiff girl's shoulder and wrapped her arms around her waist, smiling light as she breathed into the blonde girl's ear. "This is the present, Gen. This is what matters."

Gen felt herself relax into the girl's protective arms. She felt safe and warm, a feeling she couldn't remember feeling in a good long while.

"Atsuka… is what we're doing wrong?"

"Wrong?" Atsuka asked as she continued to hold the girl she'd only known for a few weeks in her arms, "Let me ask you, who decides what is wrong and right? Is it some predetermined scale that we must all live by or is it in our own personal beliefs. Does this feel wrong, Gen?" Gen was quiet for a long moment as the girl continued, "Because this is the most right I've felt in my entire life. I'm happy, at this very moment I am truly happy."

Gen felt her heart begin to beat faster and the familiar butterflies began dancing in her stomach as Atsuka spun her around. Without blinking, Atsuka's lips were on her own and she could feel what Atsuka was saying. It felt right and Gen was happy too.

Atsuka broke the kiss and smiled at the girl, "Is this wrong, Gen? You tell me."

The blonde girl stared at the female she'd grown to care so much for with indecision. It felt right but… somehow she knew it was wrong. She was with Storm and… they were both girls. Everything about the situation screamed wrong.

All except for Gen's own feelings.

Gen sighed as she broke away from Atsuka and took a seat on the bed, "I don't even know."

"Don't know." She heard Atsuka repeat again. "Feel."

She looked up at the blue haired girl and smiled lightly. Those words Motuba had said didn't echo in the back of her head. This wasn't a waste of time. This was what made Gen happy and she knew there was no way she could go back to her old life.

Things could never be good again without Atsuka.

"You're worrying about what others will think." Atsuka said as she leaned against the wall. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a cigarette which she placed in between her lips. "You need to do what makes you happy, Gen. It's your life, no one else's. Not Storm's. Not Mine. Not… Motuba's." Atsuka paused as she lit the cigarette and took a long drag before continuing, "And not your father's."

Gen nodded slowly before standing, "I need to think." She said as she smiled apologetically, "You're so sure of things, Atsuka… but I'm not. Just give me-"

"I'll give you all the time you need, Gen. I'll give you anything you need."

"Thank you." Gen said quietly, "I need to go home though. Staying here makes it kind of hard to think, there's too much distraction."

"Distractions?" Atsuka gave her a puzzling look as she continued with her cigarette.

Gen chuckled and pointed to the blue-haired beauty. "Look, are you gonna give me a ride home or do I have to walk?"

Atsuka shrugged as she grabbed her keys and headed out of the apartment. Gen followed close behind her and reached up, grabbing the girl's hand as she did so. Atsuka gave her a quick glance before smiling and taking a tight hold on the blonde's hand as they walked to the car.

The drive to Gen's apartment consisted of Gen mostly talking about her day, describing to Atsuka her friend Suzu and the diner she worked at and her time at the arcade. Before she knew it, they were parked in front of the apartment.

They sat in the car for a long moment, things growing awkwardly quiet. Gen looked over at Atsuka and smiled apologetically, "I want to kiss you goodbye but…"

"I'll give you a rain check." Atsuka said as she looked away, "But you're gonna have to make it up to me later."

Gen chuckled as she opened the door and stepped out. She walked up to the apartment and listened as Atsuka pulled away. She headed into her apartment and before she could even announce her arrival, she felt herself be pulled into the embracing arms of her bronze-skinned boyfriend.

"Gen." Storm started as she hugged his girlfriend tightly, "I was worried. Is everything okay?"

The blonde took a second to catch her breath after Storm's tight embrace before speaking, "I'm fine."

Storm nodded as she broke the embrace and smiled to her, "I haven't seen any of your dad's men around here since the last time. Maybe they're gonna leave this place alone."

Gen smiled and nodded, "Let's hope so."

The dark-skinned boy flashed one of his award-winning smiles before leaning down and planting a passionate kiss on Gen's lips. Her eyes grew wide for a second before she returned the kiss, blinking a bit as her thoughts flashed back to the person she'd been kissing for the last twenty-four hours.

The kiss came and went and Storm eventually pulled away as they began talking. However, Gen couldn't pay attention to the conversation.

All she could think about was how the kiss couldn't even compare to the one's she'd been enjoying with another girl.

To Be Continued…

Author's Notes

Alright, I think this story is beginning to get into it's final stages. Things are getting pretty confusing for our heroine but I've got some big plans ahead. I'm guessing there will probably be five or six more chapters here then this one will go into the history books.

I just need to know if anyone is confused by anything. In my head everything is adding up but it might not be as clear as I think. So, does the plot add up okay or is more explaining needed. Oh, and please tell me what you guys think of Atsuka and Gen's relationship. It's in the growing stages so hopefully you all are keen on it.

Until next time!