'Magic is not an art to be learned, it is a gift and a curse given to those who have need of a second chance - a second chance to prove themselves reformed from a past far worse than the average man.' Whether such a saying was true or not was debatable, but it was one of the significantly agreed upon suggestions used to explain why Edetezine, and a few other men and women like him, were as 'gifted' as they were.

Little was known of Edetezine's past, but then again, he used to be just as unremarkable as every other man - and how are we to know the past of every ordinary man out there?

To defend ourselves from coming across as ignorant, we will reveal that we know vaguely of what his past contained. We've gained that it was dark though, and plenty unwholesome. Our real knowledge of him begins when he reformed. When he opened his heart to the Almighty. From that point on he became the stuff of legends. Thwarting darkness in a kingdom or in a single persons heart, deterring war, fighting for justice, advising those who sought good, and impeding those who sought only self-gain and indulgence. He was a hero. While those who met him wouldn't quite say he warranted a holy title, they all agreed that he must have been sent by the Almighty to aid them in their plights.

Looking at his life, his past is not the only thing shrouded in mystery. He could be so elusive that there was controversy over his very existence. Many people firmly believed that he was just as real as anyone's next-door neighbor, and that he was simply another living wonder. Others, however, were unwilling to believe in what they couldn't see, stating that even if he were a real person, he would be long dead now- his stories having been spoken of for over a century.

Those who did believe were not aided in social situations, by his absence of activity. A number of decades had passed since the last news of an exploit had gone through the circuit. Gossip went around suggesting that he'd finally died, but many believed that he was hiding. The last information they'd heard of him, they used as evidence. For he didn't just disappear, he went missing with a story to be circulated. It went something like this:

It was just after the border wars between Canfir and Stios, on the east coast of Mesopatel. Edetezine had been supporting the country Stios, and had been a key force in their success in the war. His aid, however, earned him a bitter enemy among the opposition. A young Canfirian nobleman, known for his exceptional skill in tracking and assassination, had chosen Edetezine as his target for avenging his kinsmen and country.

Needless to say, Edetezine found himself dogged all the way to the west coast, where he would disappear for two years. Even the Canfirian nobleman was stumped by the vanishing. One day Edetezine was moving through the streets of the large city of Tazo. The next day he was nowhere to be found and no one knew whether he had left or stayed. For two years, the Canfirian nobleman laid low, waiting for any sign or news. His dedication paid off when news came of his reappearance. Accompanying this news was the story that he was carrying an object of immense powers; a power called Meinocotta.

The Canfirian noble was immediately back on Edetezine's trail. More elusive than he'd been two years before, Edetezine proved to be a harder target as he went in and out of hiding for the next month. It was believed that during one of these times of hiding that he parted with Meinocotta. For when Edetezine finally confronted the Canfirian, though he was the victor, he was left unconscious, and the family who found him and cared for him, though a decent family, thoroughly searched him for anything that looked to be magical - they found nothing.

Edetezine left quietly after recovering, and hadn't been heard from since. Some say he is still quietly moving about in a guise, helping those in need. Others suggest that he is simply waiting until Meinocotta resurfaces.