The Circlet

A lilac-sea and sparkling golden light
Reflect and multiply the embers of
The promise in my eyes. Whisper, "Goodnight."

I feel a cool glow echo from the bright
Connection of our hearts and souls. I love
This lilac-sea and sparkling golden light.

I'll hold you here upon my hand despite
The miles, and I, as if it were enough,
With promise in my eyes, just sigh, "Goodnight."

You never knew you flew on wings of white,
So beautiful and broken, high above,
In lilac-sea, on sparkling golden light.

You taste of jaded raspberry in flight.
I'll keep (though I confess, it will be tough)
The promise in your eyes. Don't say, "Goodnight."

When eons pass, we'll overcome this fight.
We'll lie here, quiet, with our peaceful dove,
Our lilac-sea, our sparkling golden light.
This promise in our eyes won't say, "Goodnight."