I dreamt a dream of you tonight

Together again, if only fleeting

Laughing as two, loving as one

Singing our song of us

Knowing, it was each other's hearts we were stealing

"Its different, you know, us,

We're unlike so many others"

You said this to me once

Whispered in my ear one night, and many

Much more than lovers, almost brothers

We knew music, art, literature, them all

This world was ours, spare naught

Waxing poetic to pass the time

Serenading with our soft harmonies

All this time, I had nearly forgot

So long it seems, and longer still

The day when I broke you

Clear the sky, so unkind

Torturous your stare

"But I love you, and you love me too"

Days followed, months, then years

I watched you fade away

Such a beautiful boy you are

More beautiful, still, from afar

I can't forgive myself, not today

I cried for you tonight, dear boy

Hollow, so cliché, so true

I miss you now more than ever

Alone in the dark, away from you

I don't know what to do

Please, my love, forget me

My dreams are not for you

Suffering apparitions will not suffice

When I'd rather hold your embrace

Never again