Chapter 1

This came from no where, but my twisted demented head. PLZ DON'T STEAL FROM ME!!

Chapter 1

Saved by the bell… or not!!

Oh man… just one more minute to winter break, Says Kyle to himself. If only I could fast forward through the driving home and the traffic jam in the parking lot and then get home… Man, I could really use a cup of hot chocolate.

Kyle is an average 16 year old boy: loves the ladies, picks his friends carefully, and is addicted to myspace, but isn't everyone? As Kyle is standing by the door, his Phone rings…damn it's not supposed to be on during school and of course the teacher, not being able to hear the class bell ring can suddenly hear again, and takes away his phone.

"This will make your first time…you are lucky, because if it had been your 4th you would have had to-"


"Go and wait for your parents to get it… instead you have to make a trip up to the VP's office to go and get it" sneers the teacher. "ANDREW!!"

A junior in the back of the room jumps, "y-yes sir?" feebly asks the terrified pupil.

"Take this directly to the VP's office, and don't give it back to Kyle." says the teacher.

"Yes sir right away", says the student not even looking at the handsome upper classmen.

"Wait I have a better idea, this time I will let you off with a warning this time Kyle, but seeing as how you are a shinning star in this class and that Andrew here is lagging behind I figured you two could work together to get up his grade. Now here this you MUST do better on the next class or I will kick you out of the class…BOTH of you, and seeing as how Kyle you need this to graduate… I don't think you want that now do you?" sneered the teacher.

If only I had time to argue… DAMN I have to go…. Ok Mr. Werra it won't happen again and I guess I can tutor him…" Kyle says cursing himself for it.

Andrew looks up at him and really looks at him this time opens his mouth to talk, but closes it again and blushes. Instead he looks at the ground and says, "Gee…thanks I guess…"

"Well, Andrew lets go we can start at my house use YOUR cell phone and let your parents know what is going on. I don't want them mad at me for driving you to my house"

"Ok, Kyle I'll call them thanks again by the way", says Andrew as he walks out side into the chilly winter weather.

Well, Kyle you better get going right?" says Mr. Werra.

"Yes sir, have a good holiday" says Kyle.

I hope your house gets TP'ed and egged you ass.