God Loves Me. God Doesn't Hate Me.

The less you sleep, the more you will dream.
And boy, you are oh so close to enlightenment.
Girl, you shouldn't sing with that dust in your hair.
I shouldn't find it comfortable,
that I am being forced.

And it takes time to ruin the world,
but time is all it takes.
Enlightenment comes late at night,
tomorrow we will not want to wake.
And it shouldn't be comfortable,
that we're forced to fake.
But it's all that enlightenment takes.

We'll follow poets on the inside,
Play around where love lays.
And tomorrow we'll be somewhere else.
And there is my god between then and now.
And for all the guilt; we'll not atone.
There is my god, between the known and unknown

Rocksand, heartwater.
Mountains, canteens, from way down under.
We highlighted the frightening.
And we didn't like we saw,
but we kept walking.
And we're oh so close to being enlightened.

And I'm not sure why we're spinning,
if we're never gonna sing.
Jesus, take off your sandals now,
you are just another being.
Don't think that it's starting to come easy.
Easy was never this late.
I'm not gonna cry when I'm finally awakened.
I'll keep it in, out of shame.

And don't think that you're a mystic,
just 'cause you sip that river-water.
And all we hear is people's laughter.
Catching the bug of the blowing wind's kiss.
And after we're though with all this
Don't think that you're a mystic.

Special Note : "It takes time to ruin the world,

but time is all it takes." I don't own it.

Bernard le Bovier de Fontenelle said it.