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Warnings: This story contains murder, self mutilation, violence, homosexuality, and graphic sexual acts.

Author: Krystal (Kryst Sutures)

A Glasgow smile (also known as a Chelsea grin or Chelsea Smile) is a nickname for the practice of cutting a victim's face from the edges of the mouth to the ears: the cut - or its scars - form an "extension" of what resembles a smile.

We've all experienced unpleasant people. Everywhere you go, there's always someone who makes your blood boil. Some people think moving from town to town will take them to a place called 'perfect'. But 'perfect' does not exist. At least that's what Kane Andrews thought. In his eighteen years of existence, he'd never settled down anywhere long enough to smile. His mother was a drunkard, always sleeping with some man that ended up abusing her and having to run away from him. No matter where they went, something bad happened. The last town they'd moved to seemed to be as good as it got. Kane made friends, he got decent grades, and the apartment he and his mother lived in wasn't as dingy as the usual ones they occupied. Everything was 'perfect' until one of his mother's psychotic lovers managed to set her on fire one night when Kane was out with his friends.

The young man came home to find yellow police tape all over the apartment and a charred, bagged body being wheeled into the back of an awaiting ambulance. His mother succumbed to her injuries the very next day. The murderer had been found dead in his apartment when the cops went to get him. The coward was hanging from the rafters by a rope made of blankets.

And that is the story of how Kane came to live in a picturesque little town with his paternal grandmother, Violet Andrews. He moved in with her when he was sixteen years old, a few days after his mother's death. She lived in a fairly affluent neighbourhood in a cosy two storey house with a basement. Kane took the basement over as his own place since it had a television, a bed, and its own bathroom. He and his grandmother hardly spent time together; she was caught up in the life of a retired socialite. She attended all the town's functions and was the head of all the church activities. But they got along well whenever they were together. Kane's father was dead before he was even born; killed in a car accident on his way from working at an insurance company. Yes, his life was quite the fairytale.

The town he lived in was definitely different to any of the ones he'd lived in previously. These people were filthy rich. His grandmother enrolled him in a private secondary school. The students were pretty stuck-up and snobbish for the most part. He didn't feel like he fitted in, but a lot of the girls were attracted to him because he had that 'bad boy' look they pissed themselves over. He was tall, around 6'2", muscular but not disgustingly so, with dark hair and hazel eyes. His skin was tanned and marred by a few bruises he acquired playing for the rugby team. He wore his school uniform rather untidily and his hair looked like it hadn't seen a comb in ages. He dated a lot of the girls in his year, even a few younger, but he left them all in tears and hoping to god they weren't pregnant. Except for one girl who stomped all over his heart, but that's a story for another day.

Kane didn't have many real friends. Sure, he'd be civil to people who talked to him, but he only hung out with two people. Jessica, a gothic girl who spent the entire day hunched over and playing handheld video games and Alex, a small, waif of a boy with enough mental problems to write a medical journal about.

Currently, Kane was watching 'Nosferatu' on the comfortable, beat-up, red couch in the basement with Alex's head on his lap. 'Nosferatu' was one of Alex's favourite films and whenever he felt the need to watch it, he somehow found himself on Kane's doorstep holding the VHS case in his hands. Kane stroked the small boy's shoulder length, honey brown hair detachedly as he watched the movie for what seemed to be the millionth time. He'd never understand what Alex found so appealing about a silent movie that was made in 1922, but he took it as an excuse to spend time with his boyfriend. He and Alex had been dating for about six months now. Kane never thought of himself as anything other than straight, but he couldn't deny he was attracted to the petite boy. It wasn't like he went around checking other guys out or anything, but he had no problem saying he was at least bisexual. Alex was different, though. He was short for an eighteen year old male, only 5'4" and very thin. His skin was pale and he had rather elfin features. Kane liked to jokingly blame his effeminate appearance for his attraction.

The movie finally came to an end and Kane stopped the video, rolling his eyes at the infomercial that was now on TV. Alex sat up and stretched, the angry, purple cuts on his pallid wrists standing out in the incandescent light. Kane frowned slightly when he saw the wounds; they looked new.

"You're still doing that shit?" he demanded, his hazel eyes burning into the other boy's blue ones. Alex looked confused for a moment before he blushed and lowered his arms.

"I'm sorry… Last night I had a relapse…" Alex whimpered his response.

"Whatever. You want something to eat?" Kane changed the subject as he stood.


"I've got some Pepsi and some microwavable pizza. Is that cool?"

Alex just nodded in response.

They trudged up to the kitchen. It was Sunday night, meaning that Kane's grandmother was out at the weekly church meetings. Violet was actually quite fond of Alex but she couldn't stand Jessica so Jessica hadn't come over since their first and last awkward encounter. Strangely enough, Violet knew her grandson was dating Alex, but she had no problems with it, saying that homosexuals could be good people, too. It was a strange thing to hear from such a devout Christian, but Kane preferred it to harsh rejection. Her only advice to them was to be careful where they showed their affections, and of course to use protection but Kane definitely didn't want to think about his grandmother's sex advice. They sat at the kitchen table and ate their quick meal while discussing anything that came to mind.

After they finished eating, Alex helped Kane to clean up some of the dishes and they went back down to the basement and settled back into the couch, watching music videos and making cruel remarks about the singers. How else was one to amuse him or herself on a Sunday night?

"What are you going to do after graduation?" Alex asked out of the blue.

"I haven't really thought about it yet…" Kane replied honestly. He never did think he would've lived long enough to actually think about the future.

"If you go to college somewhere far, I'm really going to miss you," the smaller boy pouted, toying with the long sleeves of his flannel shirt. Kane just smiled and kissed the other boy's forehead.

"I won't leave you as long as you don't leave me," the possessive undertone of Kane's voice and the strange look in his eyes took Alex by surprise. Nervously he glanced over at the grandfather clock in the corner behind the TV and saw it was 10:30.

"I should really get going. You know my parents freak if I get home after 11…" Alex said as he stood. Kane walked him to the door, kissing him passionately before waving him off. Sometimes his life seemed so complete, so perfect. But he'd never lull himself into a false sense of security. He closed the door when Alex's car disappeared into the distance and decided he might as well finish his Geography homework since it was due in the morning.


Kane was always amused at how similar this expensive private school was to the usual public schools he went to. Sure the students were richer and wore fancy uniforms, but the behaviour wasn't overly different. There were always cliques; the popular kids, the outcasts, the in-betweens, the rebels, and those random faceless souls who no one remembered seeing as they look through their yearbooks years later. Kane could've been a part of the popular crowd if he wanted, actually he used to be, but things changed and he felt a lot more comfortable sitting at a table in the cafeteria with Alex and Jessica. Jessica's hair was shoulder length and dyed black. She had high undercuts and Bettie Page bangs. She wore spiked bracelets on her thin wrists and black lipstick and eyeliner. She was scribbling down an essay due for the next period that she was too busy playing video games to complete. Alex was just poking at his fries with a vapid expression on his face. It was a less than interesting day.

"If it isn't the fags and their pet freak," a pretty blonde girl sneered as she walked past their table.

"Fuck yourself, Alisa," Kane replied nonchalantly, not really bothered by the girl's shallow words. She'd taken a seat at the popular table, right next to Kane's last ex-girlfriend, Heidi. The girl who'd walked all over him. He rolled his eyes and focused on his burger. Alex chewed on his bottom lip nervously and pressed the longish fingernail on his thumb subconsciously into the wounds on his wrist. He didn't handle the cruelty of high school very well. Kane noticed what his boyfriend was doing and kicked him warningly under the table. Alex smiled shakily and stopped.

"I'm going to go to the nurse's office, okay? There's no way I'm going to finish this essay today and I need to go home," Jessica announced, closing her notebook.

"You want a ride home?" Alex offered, finding the idea of skipping the rest of the dull school day quite appealing.

"If you're both ditching, then I'm coming wit," Kane smirked.

They accompanied Jessica to the nurse's office and then signed themselves out of the rest of their classes at the office, feeding the pushover secretary bullshit excuses. They piled into Alex's car and dropped Jessica off at her house before going to Alex's house since Kane's grandmother was home. Alex lived in a rather spooky looking Victorian house up on a lonely hill. Kane often teased him about how similar it was to the Addam's family home, only missing the graveyard. Alex's parents were doctors so they were never really home and Alex's older sister, Monica had already married off and was living in Ireland.

Alex parked the car in the driveway and they both got out, passing through the well manicured lawn and going inside the old house. Despite its drab appearance on the outside, the house had modern furniture, all in black and white. His mother was quite eccentric and had fun with the interior decorator dolling the place up. They quickly ascended the stairs and went to Alex's bedroom, which was the only area that didn't follow the limited colour scheme. His room had red walls which were mostly covered by posters of metal bands. He slept on a king sized bed which was covered dark blue sheets. The hardwood floor was littered with random piles of clothes since the maid cleaned everywhere except Alex's room as he'd requested. The smaller boy flopped onto his bed unceremoniously and patted the space next to him. Kane smiled and took a seat next to his boyfriend.

"I'm glad we skipped today; that place was strangling me," Alex sighed, looking up at the other boy.

"You shouldn't let them get to you like that… They're not worth your time," Kane said, subconsciously in awe of the many bands Alex had plastered all over his walls.

"I guess so. But I just wish we could get back at them, you know? I mean, they've treated us both like shit. And this is our last year to get revenge or something. I don't know. I guess I've been watching too much TV," Alex sat up and rested his head on Kane's shoulder. Kane frowned thoughtfully. He didn't want any trouble, but he had to admit Alex's idea had its appeal. He certainly wouldn't mind getting back at Heidi Brookes, who just happened to be Alex's cousin. Alex probably wouldn't go for it but he hated that girl so much after what she did to him. She exposed pictures of him and Alex in a rather compromising position to the whole school via the bulletin boards after she photographed them a month after she broke up with him. He could never forgive something like that.

"You look thoughtful," Alex said, urging Kane to voice his thoughts.

"I think you've got a good idea…" Kane smirked, a strange gleam in his eyes. The cogs of his mind were already turning, ideas coursing through his veins, giving him a feeling very reminiscent of a high. They sat in a strange silence. Alex was wondering if it was a good idea to mention his deranged thoughts to his equally deranged boyfriend while Kane thought of all the people he wanted to get back at. His thoughts were vicious, but he would never deny that he was an impulsive person. And for some reason, he was always fuelled by negative emotions. Anger was his favourite motivation. And violence was all he'd ever known. Whether it was watching his mother get beat up or her boyfriends beating him, violence was an important part of his life.

"You have any notebooks lying around?" he asked suddenly. Alex lifted his head off his shoulder and raised an eyebrow.

"I think so… Why?"

"So we can write our little to-do list. I think revenge should always be well organised," Kane stated, kissing Alex's forehead gently. The smaller boy cringed. He strongly doubted this was going to end well and there was no such thing as changing Kane's mind when it was made up. Alex got off of the bed and walked over to his computer desk, pulling open a drawer and producing a new Composition notebook and a ballpoint pen. He walked back over to the other boy who pulled him into his lap and opened the book. Kane rested his chin on the crook of Alex's neck so he could see the book, and his arms were wrapped protectively around his waist, one hand poised to write.

"Shall we begin?"