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Untidy handwriting written in a haphazard manner floated off the lines of the Composition notebook. Kane had left a few minutes ago after spending almost two hours working on the long list of names. Alex reread the scrappy writing and frowned. This was such a bad idea. The insane passion Kane expressed as ideas spewed out of his mouth was nothing short of terrifying. There was a completely unhinged, sadistic gleam to his eyes that disturbed the smaller teenager. Alex knew all about Kane's less than perfect past, and he wanted to help him deal with his problems. But sometimes, in rare losses of control, Kane showed Alex that he had a lot of issues to work on, issues that Alex feared would consume them both. With a defeated sigh he hid the notebook beneath his mattress, hoping that by tomorrow Kane would forget they ever wasted time on such a devious activity. He plopped down listlessly onto the floor, hugging his knees to his chest. Why couldn't they be like normal teenagers and make out instead of plot violent acts on people?

Kane watched the dull scenery pass from his window seat in the bus. Alex had offered to give him a ride but he didn't want to be too reliant on him, why get comfortable with something that would eventually be ripped away like everything else in his life? He ran his hand through his hair as he tried to clear his mind of the depressing thoughts. He didn't need to complicate things right now. He needed a stable mind to carry out the tasks he'd planned. He could tell Alex was less than comfortable with some of his ideas for revenge but he knew he could persuade him; Alex was pliable because of his many insecurities. Kane knew it was a terrible thing to use his weaknesses against him but if that meant it'd keep them together, he was willing to do it. If there was one thing he wanted in his life, it was Alex.

He exhaled gratefully when the bus reached his stop. A grimace marred his face slightly as his vision was clouded by the pretentious neighbourhood he just so happened to live in; immaculately manicured lawns, white picket fences, and gardeners and other workers fussing about. He felt like he didn't belong with these wealthy people who had no idea what it was like to not have everything you wanted handed to you. But it sure beat the life he used to be so accustomed to. He slowly walked down the familiar lane, waving absentmindedly at the people who called to him. He checked the mail even though he knew his grandmother would have checked it in the morning before going inside and heading straight to his dwelling in the basement. He peeled his school uniform off and changed into a pair of baggy shorts and a T shirt. His stomach growled loudly, alerting him to the fact that he was starving.

A quick journey to the kitchen later, he found a note written by his grandmother on the fridge saying she'd gone to get groceries and telling him not to eat too much junk before she returned. He cracked his crooked smiled. It felt nice to have someone worry about him. He threw the note in the trash before retrieving the last apple in fridge and heading back to the basement to waste some time surfing the net on his laptop. He lied on his stomach on his bed with the laptop before him. His fingers floated swiftly over the keyboard as he signed onto MSN. A volt of happiness went through him when Alex started to instant message him.

Alex the Not So Great says: Hey. I miss you.

Kane: Hello, puppet. I miss you, too…

Alex the Not So Great: What are you doing?

Kane: Waiting for grandma to get home. So fuckin' hungry!

Alex the Not So Great: That's why you should learn how to cook.

Kane: Why would I do that when I have you?

Alex the Not So Great: Chauvinist!

Alex the Not So Great: Wait. That would imply I'm a chick.

Alex the Not So Great: Fuck!

Kane: LOL! You're such a nerd. I'm really excited about our little revenge plan.

Alex the Not So Great: …

Kane: What's wrong, babe?

Alex the Not So Great: Don't you think some of it is a little extreme?

Kane: They need to be taught a fucking lesson. We're doing this, okay?

Alex the Not So Great: I gotta go, okay? I love you.

Alex the Not So Great appears to be offline

A few expletives flew from Kane's mouth as he signed out of MSN. He knew Alex was just avoiding him now. 'I'll deal with him tomorrow,' he decided as he shut the laptop down and sat up. He could understand that Alex didn't want to get in trouble, but he should at least trust him a hell of a lot more. He knew what he was doing. And he knew those kids deserved all the horror he could bring on them and more. He was going to go through with this and Alex was going to be by his side. He already knew what he wanted to do with number one on the list, Alisa Richards. Maybe he'd go through with it in front of Alex. He was bound to come around when he saw the satisfaction this endeavour could bring.

"Kane!" he heard his grandmother calling him from upstairs.

"Coming!" he bellowed back as he made his way up to help her with the most likely dozens of bags she'd be freighting from her car.


Hushed whispers filled the chemistry labs as the class worked on their experiments. The teacher, an aging black woman with long yet neat dreadlocks eyed the class strictly as they worked in pairs. Kane and Alex worked together as usual. Alex was working diligently, mainly on his own, as Kane eyed Alisa and Heidi evilly from across the room. Alyssa turned around and flipped him off before she whispered something in Heidi's ear. They both giggled which made the teacher tap a ruler against her desk threateningly which in turn caused Kane to grind his teeth in annoyance. He had to go through with his plan now. He raised his hand to get the teacher's attention.

"Can I help you with something, Mr. Andrews?" she asked, sounding totally uninterested.

"I'd like to get the notes that Alisa borrowed from me yesterday, Mrs. Davis. It'd really help make this practical a lot easier," he said, garnering a strange look from both Alisa and Heidi. Surprisingly neither girl said anything to throw his plan off.

"Permission granted, Andrews," Mrs. Davis replied.

"What notes? What the hell are you doing?" Alex whispered harshly, not liking the look on Kane's face at all.

"Relax, babe. I'm not doing anything," was all the taller boy said.

Alex eyed his boyfriend sceptically as he walked over to the two girls' work station. He had no idea what Kane was talking about. He knew the bloke wouldn't breathe the same air as Alisa if he didn't have to, much less lend her notes.

"What are you trying to do, Kane?" Heidi frowned. Kane's eyes ran over his ex-girlfriend's body, and he hated himself for it. Heidi was tall and curvy. She had expressive green eyes and long red hair which she currently dyed black for some ungodly reason.

"I'm not trying to do anything… I'm here to talk to Alisa," Kane stated, his hazel eyes boring into Alisa's blue ones.

"I don't have a fucking thing to say to you, Kane. Why don't you go play with your bitch? He's the only one that wants to talk to you," the blonde sneered as she returned her attention to her test tubes. Kane just grinned and picked up a bottle of concentrated hydrochloric acid from off the shelf. He uncorked the bottle slowly.

"What are you doing?" Heidi demanded. Kane didn't reply. Instead he suddenly lost his balance, lunging forward and causing the acid to fly out of the bottle and straight onto Alisa's face. A bloodcurdling scream shattered the silence of the lab. Alisa grabbed her face as her skin started to corrode and peel off before everyone's eyes. She fell to the ground, writhing and shrieking madly on the floor. Mrs. Davis ran over to the girl.

"What happened here?!" she asked. "Someone call an ambulance!"

"I was holding a bottle of acid and I tripped! I was just trying to help them!" Kane panicked, running his hands through his hair frantically.

"I'll go call an ambulance!" Heidi announced as she ran out of the labs. The class was abuzz now. Everyone stopped what they were doing to stare at the horrific display before them, some not sure what was going on. Alex, who had watched the whole display, was horrified.


The class was allowed to go home early after the ambulance whisked Alisa to the hospital. A lot of her friends were shaken up, but no one was angry at Kane; he was still a well liked athlete after all. Kane and Alex were walking through the parking lot on the way to Alex's car. Kane and Heidi had just been interviewed by the principal and police to find out what exactly happened, and they'd ruled it as an accident. Alex hadn't said a word to Kane since the incident.

"That bitch deserved it. She used to give Kane shit all the time anyways. I bet he did it on purpose," some student said to another as they walked past Kane and Alex. Kane held back a smirk while Alex looked slightly distressed. They got into the car and as soon as they were about five minutes away from the school, Alex exploded.

"What the fuck was that, Kane?! You did that on purpose! I know you did! You're not that careless!"

"It's part of the plan. The plan that WE made, Alex! You can't back down on me now. If I get caught, we're both fucked!" Kane yelled back. Alex clutched the steering wheel so tightly that his knuckles were now white. Tears were falling freely down his face.

"This is not what I wanted…" he sniffled pathetically.

"Yes it is. You'll feel better, I promise."

"I'm supposed to feel better?! She didn't deserve that! You're crazy!"

They both sat in silence for the rest of the journey. The car pulled up in front of Kane's house where his grandmother was just getting out of her car. Violet's eyes lit up when she saw the two boys. She walked quickly over to the driver's side of the car.

"Kane, are you alright? The school called me about the accident… You must feel awful. I've talked to Alisa's family. I'm very close with the Richards'. We attend church together… Luckily they're not going to press charges, thank God. But they are going to take her out of the school and move soon. They're checking her into some fancy hospital that deals with cases like hers…" Violet said.

"I'm never going to live with myself over this," Kane sighed heavily.

"I already cooked dinner. Alex, dear, why don't you join us for dinner? I'm sure Kane could really use your support right now." Alex was about to decline when a glare from Kane changed his mind.

"I'd love to…"

"Great. You like spaghetti? It's Kane's favourite," she smiled, turning to go into the house before Alex could answer.

"You ruin someone's life and you get your favourite food hours later? Fuck you, Kane!" Alex sniffled, tears threatening to fall again. Kane kissed Alex's forehead gently before opening the passenger's door.

"Don't fuck this up for me, Alex," he said, going into the house and leaving Alex to fight his tears alone.

Dinner had been so awkward for Alex. Kane and Violet had been acting like everything was normal while it was tearing him up inside. He was so afraid of Kane right now. He wanted to leave him and never see him again, but there was no way he could do that now, was there? Kane had proven himself to be a cold and calculated monster. He poked his spaghetti disinterestedly. He wasn't hungry at all and it felt like he never would be.

"Chin up, Alex," Violet said kindly. "Accidents happen. You're not responsible for anything…"

"Yeah…" Alex agreed half heartedly. Kane just smiled reassuringly at Alex. The smile sickened him to his stomach and he found himself running to the bathroom to avoid throwing up at the dinner table.