To forget

To forget: to overlook, disregard...Just forget it.

But it's not that easy to forget.

The dictionary makes it sound so easy.

Forget, Neglect, Slight...

You want me to forget three years.

Three years of hurt that impacted me;

Captured me in ways you can't imagine.

Pain, Suffering, Torment...

It ravaged me, raped me of all happiness.

And you expect me to just forget?

It's not that easy when he visits me in my dreams.

His Death, Extinction, Suicide...

"This doesn't have to be a part of you."

But three years of depression; then he leaves?

And that doesn't have to be a part of me?

The Loneliness, Deceit, Anguish...

I can't just overlook the impact on me.

The scars that remain on my wrists;

The blood I let out to ease my pain.

Blood letting, Self hatred, Masochism...

Then as I was healing he left.

My family, my best friend.

I loved him like the brother I never had.

He Left, Departed, Withdrew...

So I cannot forget what has been part of me.

No matter how much I heal it will be there.

And I may start to mend...But I will always...

Recall, Retrace, Recollect...