Un-virgin heart

Been ravaged and beaten,

Taken and scorned,

Held onto nothing,

Weathered the storm.

My un-virgin heart.

Weathered and weary,

As tried as a whore,

Scars deep and cragged,

Still asking for more.

My un-virgin heart.

Frozen and thawed,

Raped of virtue,

Thrown into the gutter,

It's not really new.

My un-virgin heart.

Crushed in the palms,

Of so many a man,

Holding onto forever,

Never lent a hand.

My un-virgin heart.

Took your smile with caution,

Your hand wearily,

Fought back my feelings,

Hoped they'd recede.

My un-virgin heart.

But you knew who I was,

Know who I am.

And it still doesn't stop you,

From taking my hand.

My un-virgin heart.

Your smile now warms me,

Like a touch of the sun.

And the caress of your voice,

Taught me not to run.

My un-virgin heart.

So it is now I give up,

And let barriers fall,

And finally let myself,

Answer your call.

My un-virgin heart.

Because you love

My dirty,





Un-virgin heart.