You were my Romeo
I was your Juliet
You used to tell me things
That I'll never forget

You used to hold me close
Say everything's okay
And slowly you'd
Take my pain away

I was young and dumb
Though it was not my fault
You took advantage
And were never caught

But time and time again
You said everything's okay
And you continued to
Take my pain away

Though it felt so wrong
You said that it was right
The one I trusted
So I didn't fight

You said you loved me
Said everything's okay
And that you'd always be there
To take my pain away

Through pain you caused
And the strength I lacked
I'd let you touch me
And wouldn't fight back

Naively I trusted
In all the things you'd do
And soon realized
It was because I loved you too

Days to months passed
And your hands would roam
So I finally stopped you
And one day said no

But instead of stopping
You started to fight
The one I trusted
So it couldn't be right

And in that time
Your hands still roamed
Leaving me
To really feel alone

Time and time you touched me
Once in a while we fought
And even with my bruises
You were never caught

Though when you'd stop
Throughout my tears
After all your threats
I always managed to hear

First you would hold me close
Then say everything's okay
You'd regain my trust
And take my pain away