A Message Through a Daydream

By: Charisma Hishaw (SilverIsamu)

That voice in the rain

So lonely, it only knows of darkness

It comes to me so filled with pain

What can I do, for this is only a test

It tells me of faded happy moments

And I couldn't help but smile

So many expressions, no complaints

Hour by hour, mile by mile

It grows colder

Telling me how it happened

At the point when its pain grew bolder

And its true happiness was captured…

Why must there be pain, sadness or rejection?

So many voices have yet to be heard

Take a time to listen, feel the connection

Make a friend; know them more word by word

I look to the left and then to the right

I could no longer hear that sad little voice

When I listened, it gained new flight

To listen, it was my choice

What was it?

I think I know

My conscious working me through it

I know tears and sadness, no more.