transcend understanding

a/n: a very personal poem, it will most likely seem incoherent as a whole. i apologize in advance. thank you for reading

the cruelty of time,
painted upon sunset cheeks
and yellow letter paper

even with determination
you can't forget
the familiar tingle-

static, as each word imprints
like footprints upon fresh fallen snow

can you remember
your declaration that day?

momentarily lost to doubt-
& the wind swept patience
was fluttering in turmoil

desert storms of insecurity
illusion of a distant oasis,
the emotions you felt (&still feel)
sinking into the depths

"can't you see i need you,
i can't manage without you"

tears by the cascade waterfall
bitter disbelief drowned by the tides

"every day you weren't there
i was wishing i wouldn't wake up
because i just couldn't handle it"

an invisible chain
the magic words

the despair of hopes,
etched with each heartbeat/
buried with deepening lines-


(please forgive my weakness)

January 14, 2008