The Devil-Doctors gather logs for the sawmill;

Hell awaits them.

Vivisection, infection, microscopic invasion;

And worse.

They do what no human should ever have;

And they realize it.

Yet they continue;

For the Nation, for the Emperor, for the War.

When the three alls fail, other means must suffice.

Loot all, kill all, burn all for the Rising Sun.

Walls do not constraint their evil.

The domain of 731 expands.

Villages sprayed with toxins from the sky,

And anthrax-laced candy for starving kids.

Even Auschwitz had survivors. (None here.)

They remember Josef Mengele,

But the greater evil walks away.

Escaping justice with the consent of the Elephant and Donkey alike.

A bargain that the Devil himself would be proud of.

Unit 731 and Shiro Ishii walk away from justice. (Holding your tax dollars.)

So much for "Never forget."

Notes: In WW2 and the Japanese invasion of China, General Shiro Ishii set up a facility for studying biological and chemical weapons. Civilians and prisoners of war from China, Russia, Mongolia, Korea, America, and Europe were subjected to twisted experiments arguably worse than the ones the Nazi "scientists" inflicted on countless victims. In addition, biological and chemical weapons were testing in the surrounding countryside.

After the war, the scientists from the Unit sold their data to the US government in exchange for immunity from prosecution. The American government feared the Soviets might acquire the data instead. After the war, they would go back to successful civilian careers. The incident was covered up for decades. By comparison, the Soviets tried and executed the members of Unit 731 they captured. The horrors of Unit 731 are sadly unknown in the West, but more must know. The "Auschwitz of the East" did not kill as many as the Nazis, but even the Nazi death camps had survivors. This is a concern of humanity to know, and to not forget, lest it happen again.