And So It Begins

She glanced down at the silver filigree watch on her wrist. 8:59, it read, the second hand moving slower to counter her anticipation. It was Halloween night, and she was three hours from turning eighteen. She watched her best friend, who had coincidentally been born the exact same moment, as she flounced around the huge house, directing decorators as they shot her glares behind her back. "Sit, Nixie," she ordered with a laugh, staring enviously at the tall girl whose long black hair was pulled back on the sides like a mane, her bright amber eyes glinting with excitement.

Her friend plopped down, her tongue lolling to the side in the imitation of a dog. With a laugh, she leaned forward and rested her chin on her knees. "We're almost legal, Pix," she replied, glancing at the slight girl staring back at her. Pixie stood, her waist length silver waves spilling over the iridescent wings strapped to her back. Standing, Nixie's face was level with the juncture of her thighs, and she jumped as she felt her friend's nose nudge her sheer white faerie skirt aside, her breath tickling her legs.

"What are you doing?"

"Thinking about tonight," Nixie replied, bowing her body into a backbend.

"Which I'm guessing means that they'll be here?" She felt excitement flowing through her veins as though someone had injected her with boiling water. She and her friend had joked several times about consummating their legality with the two thirty something men they fantasized about every time they walked past the strip joint they owned.

"Rafe has had his eye on you for a while. He said it was too good of an offer to pass up."

"That's because Rafe's a pedophile who looks at me and sees a girl who still looks fourteen." She shivered. "I told you I wanted Nico."

"And I told them they could each have us both. We're doing this together." She brushed aside her friend's hair and stared into her pale blue eyes. "We'll be ok, Pixie Dust. We've held our own so far."

"With guys our own age. And we didn't offer any of them our virginity."

Nixie laughed. "No, we gave that honor to our vibrators."

Pixie snorted. "Shut up," she snapped halfheartedly, shoving at her friend's shoulder with a reluctant grin.

"Look, we're the light and dark sex nymphs of BHS. We're hot, and we know what we're doing."

"God, I hope you're right, Nix."

"Happy Birthday, Jenna and Kaila!" their friends shouted, howls and whistles coming from the guys. It was ten minutes until their official birthday, and she had seen their car pull up in the drive. She knew that one way or another, it would be a night to remember. Jenna, or Pixie as Kaila called her, smiled gracefully, accepting hugs from them all and playful swats from a few of her exes. She sent Nixie a sly look, slipping out from the crowd and stepping onto the patio. Standing just on the edge of the light was a man, slightly taller than six feet, tattoos trailing up his muscular neck. The metal hoop on his lip glinted as he smirked at her, and she stepped down. "Nico," she said breathily, suddenly feeling uncomfortably constricted in her corset.

"Hi, angel," he replied, holding out his tattooed artist hands for her. She shivered as his calluses scraped over her skin. "Heard corruption was on the menu for tonight."

She winked. "As long as you hold the title of corrupter, I am a willing victim."

"Yeah," he asked, hoisting her up and wrapping her legs around his waist. "How willing?" he asked against her mouth.

She slipped her hand between their bodies, grabbing his crotch lightly. "Why don't you try me and find out?" She smiled at his groan, squeaking when he slammed her against the wall of her house, grinding himself against her. He pressed his lips to hers, his tongue moving expertly over her own, sighing when she sucked his lip ring into her mouth.

"We keep this up, I won't make it till Nixie and Rafe join us." He pulled back, running his hand through her silky hair. He traced her lip with his thumb, licking its plumpness with a groan as she ground her lower body against him.

"Tell me why I should care," she whispered, tearing his button-down shirt open and latching her mouth onto his collarbone.

"I forgot about two seconds ago," he replied, ripping her panties from her and roughly rubbing his denim covered crotch against her naked flesh. She whimpered, deftly reaching down to unbutton and unzip his pants.

"Hey, you two," Nixie said, her sultry voice penetrating the lusty haze surrounding them. "Starting the party without me?" Pixie smirked, holding her hand out as an invitation. When she reached them, they shared an open mouthed kiss, ending it at Nico's hiss, turning in synchronization to smile at him.

"We do everything together," Pixie breathed into his ear, catching the lobe with her teeth.

"Do you know how much money you two would make if you came to work for us?" Rafe's voice broke in from the trees.

"Enough to buy you out," Nixie replied confidently, watching with a smirk as he moved toward them.

He looked her up and down. "You're probably right. So where are we doing this?" he asked, running a finger down her cheek.

"Depends. Where are your test results?" He smiled, handing her the papers, resting his chin on her shoulder as she saw negatives across the board. "Follow me," she said, stepping further from the light to a clearing with a hot tub. She grinned as she saw that Nico and Pixie still clung to each other, her legs tightly clenched around his hips. The look she got in return for her observation clearly stated that her friend had staked her claim on him. She undressed slowly, stripping her skirt off, standing only in a black lace corset and matching thong, keeping her eyes on Rafe as she did.

"She looks like a fucking grade schooler clinging to daddy," he muttered, glancing at Pixie who was currently sucking and biting Nico's neck.

"Worry about that later, baby," Nixie replied, pulling his mouth down to hers.

Meanwhile, Pixie was lifting herself up and dragging her body against Nico's on the downstroke, finally divulging him of his shirt as she did. She felt the laces of her corset come undone and she dropped her legs, stepping out of it completely and starting to slide the straps of her wings off and skirt as well. "Keep it on," Nico growled, groaning when she kicked up her heel and winked in reply. She moved closer to him again, kneeling in front of him and drawing his pants down, her hand snaking up his leg and grasping him tightly, taking the tip of him in her mouth and massaging the rest of him in her grip. She loved how men tasted. She didn't know if it was because she was so turned on or not, but he tasted better than all the other men she'd sucked in the past. She had dreamed about being with this man; the dragon tattoo on his neck and the lip ring had been a three year long aphrodisiac, culminating to this day when she could finally have him. He grasped her by her hair, yanking her head back and kneeling in front of her, kissing her with as much heat as he could, gently manipulating her onto her back on the grass. He slid up her, placing himself just above her mouth, groaning loudly as he felt the wet heat of her mouth tugging at him. "Nix," he called loudly, "how flexible is she?"

Nixie looked up from Rafe's chest with a dazed expression. He repeated his question, moaning and thrusting into Pixie's face. "Oh, baby, we're both gymnasts. Bend us like pretzels if you want," she said with a smirk, sucking one of Rafe's nipples into her mouth with her eyes still on the couple.

"Fuck, yeah," Nico grunted, wrenching himself from the deep suction of her mouth and moving back down her body, entering her slowly. He grasped her hips, running his hands down her thighs and drawing her knees up to her chest. He held her legs in place, dragging himself against her walls, taking note of the little noises she was making and repeating the motions that drew the loudest sounds from her. He picked up speed, thrusting into her and loving the sound of her moaning 'yeah!' in his ear. He felt her spasm around him and he turned her face up to look at him, thrusting his tongue into her mouth as he simultaneously moved in her. He dropped one of her legs and pulled the other one up further, hooking it over his shoulder. He felt her lifting her hips as she looked for deeper contact. "You want me to go harder?" She murmured her affirmative into his mouth, the muscles of her face freezing as he obliged, a low keening noise coming from deep in her throat. He shifted slightly, continuing his hard, fast thrusts. He apparently got the angle just right as he felt wetness spill from inside her. He groaned, slamming himself into her and letting himself go, dropping heavily onto her as his arms gave out. "Can I keep you?" he whispered in her ear when he regained his breath, drawing a harsh laugh from her.

"Only if you promise to do that at least once an hour."

"For you, I'd probably try," he replied, nuzzling her hair away from her neck. They looked up at the applause, seeing Nixie and Rafe watching them. "Yeah, yeah," Nico laughed. "It's your turn." He rolled onto his side, pulling Pixie back against him and placing his chin in the crook of her shoulder, nipping at her collarbone. As they watched Rafe grab Nixie, she felt Nico's fingers graze her lower stomach, her eyes drooping in pleasure as they kept migrating lower.

Her eyes were glued on her best friend, her breath catching as her face contorted. "He won't hurt her, Pix," Nico said quietly, trying to coax the stiffness from her body. She nodded, squirming closer to him, shuddering as she felt the muscular planes of his chest and stomach press against her soft skin.


Nixie's turn's up next… Nixie and Pixie will be the main players in both this and Behind Closed Doors, for reasons that will become apparent as this story progresses. Hope you enjoyed!

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