This sucks. So I do one extreme thing, and they send me to boarding school. Boarding school. Seriously. I think that's an extreme answer. Yes, I like the word Extreme; I like to think it describes me. So I mountain bike, cliff dive, underground dirt bike contests, fight contests, all in my range of experiences. Oh yah, and I can out drink any guy you hand me, and I weigh in at 120 pounds. So my parents are fine with the rest of it (except the fights and drinking, but they don't know about that), but I come home with black hair (I'm a natural pale brunette) green eyeliner (makes my blue eyes pop) and blue lipstick. Oh yah and I got a tattoo. And they think that's enough that they should send me to boarding school, some preppy thing on the East Coast, it's freaking cold up there, I like my hot Arizona days.

Anyway I have to leave in two days, so I'm packing my life away. An old but nice IBM ThinkPad (yeah, that's what I said, it's a laptop), my collection of extreme makeup (Bright greens, purples, blues, blacks and reds), my new hair dye (Purple, red, pink, green and blue, oh and an extra of black. I'm dying my hair green on the plane), a collection of pens, my handmade bag (yeah, I made a hemp shoulder bag) my beloved skirt collection (One of them is duct tape, another is a black frilly one) and of course my assorted color duct tapes (One is rainbow!). They won't let me take my dirt bike or my car, it sucks. I love my bike and baby… but whatever. I'll just buy one there.

"Emma? You in there packing?" I heard my conformist mother asking though the heavily sticker-ed door.

"Yeah, I am." I called back, stuffing stuff in my black key-chained duffle bag. I was currently trying to cram a pair of green jeans in the bag.

"Can I come in?" She asked in her too sweet voice.

"Sure" I called back, working really hard to get the jeans in the bag. I heard the door open and she looked at my steadily clearing room. I had taken down all my posters and rolled them up; they were totally coming with me. The collection of stuffed creatures had been picked through and carefully packed up. I figured if I was leaving I'd give my parents back their room. I had a total of four bags out, two were completely crammed full.

"Emmy? Do you mind if I turn off this music?" My mother asked her voice still tender. I had Daft Punk playing through the mini speakers; they were the last thing I was going to pack up.

"I don't care."

"Emma, you do know that we're sending you away for your own good right?" She said carefully, but firmly. I shrugged; I wasn't going to give them the satisfaction of knowing I was going to hate this trip.

"It's harder for us then it is for you" She continued, trying a new approach. That one got under my skin, but I wasn't going to give. I didn't look at her; I just kept putting my carefully folded skirts away.

"Emma…I really do love you, no matter what you think" Another approach. I just kept packing, I had 'Move Your Feet' playing in my head, and I was humming along lightly.

"Emma, can I help you pack?" She asked. I pointed to a pile of un-folded clothes. She got the hint. We worked in silence packing up the clothes I was bound to need while at this preppy land. About an hour passed of us just packing up my clothes, half of which my mom hated. I think she might prefer that I was Goth to this, at least with Goth she'd know what I was into.

"Do you really want to bring…" I cut her off before she could finish.

"Yes. I made that skirt, you can hate it if you like but it's my favorite skirt" She was holding up my duct tape masterpiece. All black tape with pink trim. Yah it was fairly amazing.

"I support your creativity but its duct tape…"

"And duct tape is cool"

"If you say so…." I think I had her tad bit worried but she didn't complain she just kept folding up skirts and shirts.

"Emma, your father and I are going to miss you"

"As much as I miss you." I continued.

"Your sisters will miss you too"

"Of course Jamie and Frances will miss me, give Fran my room will ya?" The two girls were sharing a room right now. Jamie and Fran are twins, and a year younger. Fran and I got along great. Jamie was a pink loving cheerleader. Fran was my dirt bike apprentice.

"We'll keep your room for you dearest"

"Nah, when I come back Fran and I will share. She'll like having her own room" I guess I'm nice enough that they won't send me to military school. At least I hope I'm not going to military school…didn't think of that….

"If you insist, see dear, you are a good girl you just fell down the wrong path"

"Who says it's wrong?"

"You're scaring your father and I. Half the time you aren't even home anymore."

"It's called life mom" I rolled my eyes.

"What life do you live, what life would push you to dye your hair black and get a tattoo?" She was on the verge of tears. Great, guilt trip.

"Mom, I'm a teen. If I'm not extreme I'm not real." I replied with Splenda covering my words.

"My oldest baby…." She was crying. Lovely, just what I need.

"I'm sixteen. I'm no child" I responded to her baby comment.

"You'll always be my baby…" She whispered between hiccups. I felt bad for no comforting her but this was her fault. Her idea to send me to some prissy prep school on the cold coast. I didn't have many jackets.

"Mom, I don't have any coats."

"Your dad and I will give you money to buy some there." She had managed to control her tears, thanks whatever god exists.

"You trust me with money but you don't trust me enough to keep me around?" I questioned her sanity under my breath. I didn't want her thinking I was on drugs. Which I wasn't. Anymore. Hey, it was eighth grade I didn't understand them…almost got raped cause of it…wonderful huh?

"What was that?" She questioned while folding my flowered shirt (it was violet and black).

"Nothing mother."

"I'll leave you to your packing then dear. I have dinner to make…your last dinner with us…" She tear-ed up again. I shrugged and kept packing my gear up into the bags.

"Go make dinner mom" I ordered. She wondered why I was the way I was, I practically raised myself, and since when do kids make good decisions? Time to start packing the shoes.

Dinner passed uneventfully, Jamie declared she would be happy to have me gone and deemed that I was clearly possessed by the devil. She's got a new fad – religion – Christianity this time. And I pretend to be a Satanist just to bug her a bit. It's great. Frances was quiet and so were my parents. I filled the silence by babbling about my baby being here without any proper guardianship. We all clambered off to bed eventually; I went to finish packing up. The next morning was even quieter, if that was possible. Jamie declared she wasn't going to come with us. Frances, mom and dad are coming though. Hey, more room for my stuff right? Eventually we got the airport. That's when Frances finally started talking again…

"Em, don't leave me here" She whispered while hugging me close, we were pretty much best friends.

"Fran – I'm not dieing and it's not that bad" I tried my best to comfort the teary girl.

"Emma. I don't care what you think of this place, it's my personal hell hole and it's gonna be that much worse with out you around to make sarcastic comments and buy the beer." She kept whispering that was something we didn't want mom to know.

"Hey, you think I'd just leave you without anything? Seriously girl. Check between the box and the mattress when you get home. You'll like what you find." I kissed her on the forehead and gave her a final hug. I then pushed her towards the parents and marched off to my gate, with my black-and-skull bag over my shoulder.

It wasn't hard to find – the gate – the plane ride was hell…but that's to be expected. I was stuck between some creep who hadn't bathed for a few days and a guy who was like seven hundred pounds. The flight attendant took pity and upgraded me, in the last twenty minutes of the four hour flight. I guess that's what happens when you have blue eyeliner on…

Once I got to New York it was ok…I guess. I managed to find the Dean of Students easy enough. She had this reddish (and ugly) bob; she was about twenty pounds overweight and wore a matching suit of maroon. She had two too large rings on and a giant gold necklace. Her makeup was heavy and her lips the color of an old tomato. She looked like my old teacher Mrs. Ganners, the same one who failed me twice because I spoke back and then was kicked out of school for raping a seventeen year old student. I have to admit it had to be rape cause no guy would ever sleep with her unless they were more desperate then a horny dog. And even still that's pushing it.

"Hello Miss Vex, how was the flight?" Her voice was stiff and formal unlike the slouchy insults of Mrs. Ganners (who had been rumored to have killed her husband about four years before I showed up at the high school).

"Emma, Call me Emma and the trip was boring, lengthy and smelly. What's your name?" I spit out all in one breath.

"I am Mrs. Baleenfranden (pronounced Bail-een-fraud-den), and call me that. Don't call me Linda, Lin, Bal, Ms. Bale or Ms. B. I am only Mrs. Baleenfranden." She was harsh and strict, I groaned internally.

"Yes Mrs. Baleenfranden." I brought my rainbow nailed hand up to my face to brush my blue bangs from my face (I dyed it the night before I left, just the bangs were blue).

"My stuff is in the baggage round thingy we might want to go get…" She was glaring at me so I let my speech fade off.

"Butler Dean has already collected the stuff. We are to meet him in the car." She pointed towards the exit. I didn't care to ask who Butler Dean was and didn't care to point out she had lipstick on her teeth, let her suffer, I thought.

The walk was long and awkwardly quiet, I didn't talk and neither did she (I wonder if she killed her husband too). The airport was overall quite boring; there was little art, more guards and fewer creepy people. Linda Bail-een-fraud-den kept marching, she knew airport well. I started to allow myself to wonder what the school (Prep Academy for the Gifted) was going to be like. Was it going to be large with hundreds of 'gifted' students, would it be a small collection of rich 'geniuses'? Would I be the only girl with blue hair? Would I be the only girl with non French-ed or pink nails? Am I going to be too pale? (I don't believe in tanning beds). I was starting to wonder, not compare, not hope just wonder. I finally came back into reality and noticed we were now outside (and it was COLD). A shiver ran down my spine and I wrapped my arms around myself in a pitiful attempt to keep myself warm. I never needed jackets in AZ. Never. And we never went cold places. Never. I had three jackets on right now, a knit hat and jeans and I was still shivering. This sucks.

"That's our car" Linda pointed at a fancy black and white limo. The driver held the door open for us. I crawled in first and made my way to a plush looking white seat. Linda sat across from me.

"These are the papers you'll need. We're going to figure out your schedule on the way and we have already assigned you a dorm and roommate. You won't complain." She handed me a collection of papers, clearly one of which informing me of the dorm situation. My roommate was a girl named Luna Rose Denver; the room was room 236, second floor. There was as school map, the rules and my transcript.

"Alright first about the schedule. You need to take Chemistry your junior year…" and she kept rambling about what I had to take vs. what I should take. I followed her advice. Finally we got to language.

"What language do you want to take? Have you already started one?" I turned and stared at her for a moment.

"Ich bin im jahre drei deutch." She apparently understood what I said when she marked me down for year three German. Eventually we worked out my schedule would be as such.

1st Photo I Anatomy

2ndAdv AlgeAdv Alge

3rd Drama III (My beloved class)Photo II

4th German IIIGerman III

5th PsychologyAdv Psychology

6thComparative USA LitComp USA Lit


Sounds like fun huh? Yah. I'm completely looking forward to it. Photo, Psych and Drama can't be that bad though, I mean how do you mess up Photo? Or drama?

The rest of the car ride was fairly boring. Just this women telling me that I needed to have good grades to stay here, all the obsessive rules (No blue jeans Monday through Thursday, but cause I'm an upperclassmen then I can wear jeans on Friday – weird? Yes) and the funny punishments (Leaving campus without permission – four hours of filing work) I guess we can get off campus jobs, or on campus. As she just said. Not excited at all. I could tell she wasn't happy about my lemon yellow nails. And I found that quite hilarious, I guess my nails will have to stay bright colors then, I have a lovely shade of green that might shock her a bit.

I don't remember the rest of the car ride, I must have dozed or slept – or entered another realm in my mind, but the ride was non existent in my mind. When we pulled into the campus I was stunned by its beauty. The buildings were old and beautiful, Ivy and climbing roses decorated the anarchic building. Huge pale pink cherry trees decorated the pristine green lawn. Tall thin and strangely green poplars lined the long dirt drive. Beds of flowers decorated the area. The fence was overgrown with grape vines and wisteria. The buildings were made of grey stones and a huge bell tower decorated one of the buildings. I had a feeling it was once a church. There were about five building I could see but the campus map claimed there were about ten buildings. The campus was huge, sprawling over about two miles but the grounds claimed another four or five. I was stunned – there was no way this school could be a military school it was way to beautiful. I saw a few students wondering from class to class. They were in groups of three or four. It was picturesque, a perfect image. I sighed and kept staring out the window. No one had blue hair.

"Miss Vex, we have arrived at campus. You are cannot leave the campus without explicit permission to do so. Come with me, Butler Dean will put your luggage in your room, you will start classes tomorrow." We got out of the car – sorry limo – and went into the main building.

I finally was able to get up into my dorm room after wandering the entire campus as part of my orientation. The dorm room was ornamented and reminiscent of times long gone. My actual bed room was simple, a few music posters adorned the dark red and cream walls. My bed was made perfectly with my black furry coating versus the other bed in the room with was a complete mess. There were two dressers, an armwa and two nightstands were in the room. A single piece of duct tape went down the center of the room. I glanced at the clock, 4: 36, Classes end at 3:00 for a three hour long break then it's dinner period, then break.

I was waiting for my roommate to show up. I liked her name, that's for sure, and the music. I did like her music (Korn, Paramore, Kittie, hell even a Shiny Toy Guns).I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair a few times surprised by how well the bold color had held in my hair.

Finally Luna showed up. The first thing I noticed about her was her hair. It went to her lower back, braided, and was clearly bone straight. That and it was midnight black. Not in a shiny – I totally dyed my hair way – but I a natural way. She had pale blue eyes, the kind that reminded you of ice but you were never sure why. Lastly she was paler then even the moon. She took her name well.

"Hey" I casually called to her. She was wearing a black sweater with black skinny jeans. Somehow she pulled it off.

"You're my new roommate?" Luna asked. Her voice was soft but demanding, I had a feeling she got her way more often then not.

"Yah…My names Emma." I offered, I gave her a big smile, not unusual of me but not normal either.
"I'm Luna. You're from AZ right?" She moved to sit down on her bed. I nodded without really looking at her.

"Yah, it's damn cold up here…" I allowed my snappity attitude to slide through for a brief second.

"I grew up in England so this is nothing" Luna replied swiftly, not breaking the chain.

"Cool, where?"

"London, my dad lives there." A perfect English accent coated her voice. It was new though, an act I could tell.

"Divorced parents?"

"No, never married."


"You have no idea." I had a feeling this relationship was going to work. We were alike in a core sense. I could already tell.

"So what happened then?" My desire for information never died.

"My dad slept with my mom at a party. My dads a Count, Sir Count Daniel John Denver. My mom was the daughter of a very wealthy and very old Boston family."

"Cool, you like a princess or something"

"…not quite. It's not the princess diaries or anything fun like that. I'm not a legal heir anyway, my older half bro will take it."

"Is he hot?" I questioned. I was boy crazy and I always had been.

"My dad?" She question, horrified.

"No, your half bro" I replied quickly.

"Sure. If you can get him you can have him. His weddings this summer." She gave me a slick smile. Her perfectly glossed lips curving in the slightest turn. I laughed in response.

"So what's this school like?" I asked, the subject change was fairly obvious.

"Depends on how you take it. Boring as hell from the sidelines. The breeding grounds for the wealthy if you pull to the center." She replied fluidly, as if she was in the center. She looked like she would be, she resembled something that just stepped off the runway, with a bigger chest.

"The center?" I questioned. I came from a rough and tumble school were there was the good and there was the bad. I was bad.

"Yes, the ones who really run the show. Like Haley Ramee, Brandy Caster, Nightingale Vein." I hid my shock well. How did my parents pay for this place? Suddenly I didn't think my duct tape skirt was going to blend here. I wasn't normally one for fitting in, I hate conformity but these were the daughters of some of the wealthiest families in the USA.

"And you help Haley, Brandy and Nightingale?" I assumed, I didn't really ask. And she didn't respond, she just smiled, a smile that spoke more then words. She didn't help, she ran it, she had people bending down to her.

"How did you get in here?" She asked suddenly, her eyes traveling to my hair.

"I have no idea. Absolutely no idea." I replied with more honesty then I had ever used.

"What's your name again?" She asked. I stared for a few seconds.

"Emma Christine Vex" I replied, I didn't normally say my full name. I dared her to tease me. She nodded.

"Vex was one of the heavy hitters of the '20s I wonder why you're in AZ."

"My mom ran away with me when she was fifteen" I offered.

"Seriously? Wow…that's not scandalous. The Vex family is dear friends with mine." Suddenly I wasn't sure how my life could have taken this turn. An hour ago I was Emma Vex, the drinking fighter from Tuscany High, now I'm the illegitimate heir to long line of wealth.

"Wow" Was all I could muster.

A month passed and soon two. I chose to focus on my education rather then building a ruling name for myself in this school. Luna introduced me to the Vex family. Apperantly I'm half Japanese. My grandmother likes me quite a bit, through my ever changing hair. We've become fairly close. I asked why she never called, she told me she couldn't.

"I couldn't think of my little girl, my Carol, as doing such. I didn't raise her to run, I raised her to fight."

"But what about Me and my siblings"