"He can't treat you like I can; I won't let him take you away from me." He said to the beautiful girl in front of him, with tear welling up in his eyes.

"I know but you gotta let go, you can't stay with me forever."

He hung his head low. "I know but what if he hurts you?" The girl sighed, adjusting the buckles in her hair. "You don't know that would happen, besides if I does I can call on you right?" He looked up with tears in his eyes, a small smile crept on to his face and he nodded.

"I'll beat his ass if he ever hurt you." She smiled at his bluntness, and held out her arms to him. He slowly walked over to her, towering over the small girl he pulled her into a bear hug. She squeaked from the lack of air and laughed at the man hugging her.

"Hey, be careful. I don't want you to ruin it." He let go, with more tears steaming down his face he smiled. "You'll always be my baby." She smiled and kissed him on cheek. He slightly frowned. "I remember not too long ago you used to kiss me on the lips." She chuckled.

"That was before, I can't do that anymore." He pouted pulling the girl into another hug; she sighed and began to cry in his arms. "I'll always love you." He smiled. "I know."

He let her go, and stepped back taking in the beauty of the girl before him. He grinned. "You look beautiful today." She turned to the mirror and laughed.

"I you always said I looked beautiful everyday." He nodded as he walked closer to her; he pushed a lone strand of hair behind her ear. She turned to him and adjusted his tie, he lightly frowned and sighed.

"Do really have to be with him, forget about him." She chuckled. "No, I love him."

"I thought you loved me?" She smiled and patted his flat chest; with a smile on her face she placed the fabric on top of her head. "I do love you, just not like I love him." He smiled bitterly and began to walk away. "I don't wanna let you go." She gave a small smile and walked up behind him giving him a huge hug.

"I know but you knew this was going to happen." He nodded turning around to face the beautiful girl in the white dress. "I know." He sighed and kissed her forehead, holding out his arm she took it and they left the room.

Everyone was watching them; he didn't want to do this. He didn't want to give this beauty to another man, a man that might break her wonderful heart. His eyes began to water as he saw the other man in sight. The man turned now staring in awe of the beautiful girl on his arm. This was his beautiful girl not that cocky bastard that stood there dumbfounded. Her grip tightened on his arm and he slightly smiled at how she snuggled into him.

It reminded him of the good old days where they would snuggle just before she had to leave before going to sleep, or the times she run to him if there was a storm outside. He missed it and he didn't want to lose her but she made up her mind. She was in love and nothing would stop her from loving him.

He now stood next to the man who was taking his beauty away from him, he wanted to grab her and run or beat the man to a bloody pulp. The other man gave a shy smile to the beautiful girl and nodded at him; He shot a death glare and was going to growl when the girl whispered to him. "I love you daddy."

He melted, smiling and with tears in his eyes he kissed his daughter on the forehead and turned to stand next to his wife. During the whole ceremony he was his baby girl running into his room at odd times of the night asking for water, or to scare the boogyman away. Or the time when she met the man she's with today, back then he was a six year old with 'yucky' frogs and a mean attitude. All the times he stopped the pair from killing each other and now he watched them tie their lives together.

He cried even more now, realizing that his baby girl was gone for ever. He hung his head letting the tears fall freely. He closed his eyes and saw the day when she was born, they day she first said 'daddy', they day she learn how to walk, to run, to ride a bike. Every little moment brought a smile to his face; he looked up and saw his daughter looking at him. With tears in her eyes she smiled at her first protector, her first love, her father and she mouthed. "I'll always be you're baby girl."