Upon the twilight heavens I gaze,
The stars weaving a shimmering haze,
Through the night a comet flies ablaze,
Seeking a path in this cosmic maze.

Moonlight streaks down in an eternal dance,
Piercing the skies like an ethereal lance,
Upon the moonlit firmanents I glance,
Leaving me in an ephemeral trance.

Crickets hum their nightly melody,
A tribute to this stellar beauty,
Songs whispering of our destiny,
To reach the edge of infinity.

Lunacy approaches its zenith,
I feel resonance within my pith,
Begin to feel my soul float adrift,
Within myself a spiritual rift.

Leaving my carcass in the nadir,
I drift into the massive ether,
Ecstasy until blackholes appear,
Everything spiraled into the nether.

I awoke in the middle of the night,
Only to find myself basked in moonlight,
T'was a dream that my desires incite,
I am still alone in this cursed plight.