Words are slipping from my mouth in an unconsciousness effort to push you out, but no matter how many times I try to leave you behind I see myself in a haze running back to you. Show me the ways I've been going that are wrong so I can pick up where you left me off and I can rewind, rewind, rewind, rewind!

I never thought the day, would come that I'd have to say, my heart, is in her hands, not yours, it's too bad, just relax. I never thought the day, I'd be kneeling at her grave, no way, this can't be, too late, too bad.

My mind is slowly spinning out of time- let's go, I really never wanted to let you go- You know, I've been going through the motions, and I, can't seem to get a handle on my feelings, and I, just wanted you to know that this is where I really want to be.

I never thought the day, would come that I'd have to say, her heart, in my hands; it's my choice, to live or too die. I never thought the day, her tears would make it seem, so hard, too hard, the decision, not mine.

Kill me, slowly, the way, I thought you'd like best- my heart, bleeding, all over, crimson stains on the sheets- decisions, were made, you were, the one...but you were too impatient to wait for me to find my way home.