for a perfectionist, you're awfully imperfect

the downfall of humans is their dreaming of the
impossible, but something that's not even God-
sized because some things (like evil) aren't given
to people by God.

life offers fun-sized dreams and king-sized dreams
(just like stores do with candy) because at least those are
closer to obtainable than things like perfection
the thing left for only God that's probably the
thing completely impossible to receive.

and i've been told that for a perfectionist i am
awfully imperfect for every fault of my own.
that is simply because that's all a human can be.

but it's okay to keep dreaming of what I could be
to give me goals to keep me going on
you know, for a perfectionist I'm awfully proud
of all of my imperfections.

but that's because I have perfection covering me.
(and that's enough.)