Bic Ultimates
Writing so smooth, you can feel it.

All around me, some sort of activity was going on, but in my little shell of reality, nothing was happening. I was surprised I was still breathing normally and not asphyxiating. My pen wasn't writing smoothly as the back of the packaging had promised, but it just added character to the inky black words on the paper in front of me.

I stopped momentarily to run my fingers through my hair, scanning over the splotchy ink on my page. My handwriting was a mess, even though each carefully-formed letter was perfectly legible. I glanced up from the page, unconsciously shielding it from the eyes of a student getting up to hand in her paper.

I pulled my sleeve down over my wrist and wrapped it tightly around my thumb. I crouched over my page and started writing again.

Several minutes later, I read through my work carefully. I folded the paper into a small square and shoved it into my pocket, satisfied with my final piece. I looked up at the clock just as the bell rang.


Home, finally. I slid my sweatshirt off my shoulders, carefully, biting my lip and wondering if I should throw it over the back of a chair or if I should keep it with me. I folded it over my arm as the tears rose in my eyes. I dropped my bag at my feet, but stepped away from it quickly.

I pulled the note out of my pocket and dropped it.

I took a few more steps and sat in the open floor, cradling myself as a sob shook racked my body. Tears began streaming down my face, but I had to go through with it.

I draped my hoodie over my lap. I turned my iPod on constant repeat and selected Linkin Park – Somewhere I Belong, forcing my headphones into my ears. I turned up the volume. It was almost full blast.

I picked up the gun. A shiver ran though my body as the cold metal touched my temple. My muscles tensed. Another sob racked my frail body. The music pounded into my ears. I will never be anything 'til I break away from me

In a spasm, my fingers tightened on the trigger and the gun went off.

Lights Out.

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