A/N- A poem that I made up for my English class. We were supposed to write a shape poem so I chose to write this and it's in the shape of a spiral, starting outside and moving inside. Hope you enjoy and please don't be afraid to tell me what you think.

And for the record, it's suppose to have run-on sentences so PLEASE! Don't tell me of those things.

Never Ending Memories

Author- Tsuki no Reikou

I remember the summer days,
Full of water and ice-cream and friends
And hanging out at the mall,
Just chilling and sweating and laughing,
Never caring what games we play
And arguing what movies to watch:
Horror or romance or perhaps plain ol' drama?

Remembering the autumn season of school days and studying,
Of the cramming and check out the freshmen, aren't they short?

I remember the winter nights, sitting before the fire
And sipping hot chocolate with tiny white marshmallows
Just floating like clouds and,
Remember the blinking lights of Christmas
And the giant tree in the living room,
Glowing with decorations and an angel watching just overhead--
Smiling like a loving mother;
And there's nothing warmer than a family gathering altogether
And exchanging presents,
Telling each other thank you and I love you
Is sweeter than anything else in the world.

Remember the spring nights?
Not too hot nor cold and always just right
And the warm April showers,
The beginning of new life, of the birds,
The trees, the people, the world.

Remember just hanging with friends and of the prom
And first crushes, loves, dates, friends, houses, pets,
And many more firsts?

Remember the sad good-byes of today
And the promises of tomorrow
And of bitter break-ups and awful excuses and sorries.

Remember your long hours at work,
All tired and dead and you get home
And see your family and suddenly
You're all young again and you'll keep remembering
And even after death you'll still remember,
Forever going on and on and on,
And just never stopping and thinking of everything
And start wondering and remembering everything

And do you remember the days keep going on

And on

And on

And on?