candy is bad for little kids

with my curtains pulled back out of the way of the
streaming sunlight it's almost as if i am looking directly
at your face during a time when your bangs had been
tugged behind your ears from my hand.

…it's as if i am looking at your face before the
sweet candy turned to the sour that makes eyes water…

the baby-blue sky is almost as innocent as your hands
used to be in mine, when we loved each other and the
breeze from my windowsill is as breathtaking as your
sweet words in my ears used to be…

(i guess that's why i am always told that candy is
really bad for young children.)

at first the sugar disintegrates in your saliva and
every part of you is full of strange delight but the
only memory in the end that you have of the chocolate
is your brown-colored fingers and your new cavity.

but the aftertaste is what will never go away.
(and after(maths)tastes are never lovely.)