A/N- Another poem that I made up for my English class. It was a free write so I wrote this. Hope you enjoy.

While the Snow Fall

Author- Tsuki no Reikou

Looked down the busy road,
Outside of the bedroom window.
Snow fell as lightly as they could,
Landing on everything;
Looking like a blank canvas
Empty and devoid of life,
As the snow still fell,
Oblivious to the world.

Laughter came from outside
Where the children played.
Snowball fights and angels on the ground,
Many snowmen built all around.
Carefree and happy,
Chasing each other without care,
Throwing snow up in the air
And the snow just fell.

Blanket cover near the fire
Warmth and comfort is to be desired.
Hot chocolate with marshmallows floating,
Gingerbread men with gumdrop buttons.
Reading a book and nearly asleep.
Arms then wrapped around;
Cold words here and there,
Warm kisses all around
Outside, the snow fell.

Fire crackle in front
But only as a background noise.
The lights are off, only silence.
The warm red glow from the fire;
Laying against a strong chest,
Feel right at home here,
Watching the snow fall.