Our mission was a test run held above the world we knew
Cadets in space, children of school militia
Children of firearms and tactics

Our future's above and we're testing it out
On machines that hint sapience and
Aware of their own programming

Dangerous machines on an isolated satillite
Revolting machines that are not following orders

No air, no oxygen, nothing to breathe up there
The mechanics suffocated the scientists
With broken doors

Fight back to live-
Come home-
Send our future home again-
Come home-
Fight back to me-
Send our future home again-

Come home, and then, we'll talk
I'll say you're a hero
There will be a party
And wine / cake / dancing
A new uniform for you
A medal

And a message of a fallen star
Giving off subtle warnings in radio interference
A message of a spiraling satellite housing machines

And you'll raise the alarm
Three hours too late