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Many years ago, White and Black dragons lived with humans, the first doing good and the last doing evil. Now, 300 years later, Maeki is a young pirate who will be the target of the black dragon's evil plans.


Slash (In ohter words, gay guys. Don't like, don't read. Flame and I'll laugh my ass off at you. And add a witty response in the next chapter :D)

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This was originally gonna be a RPG (Role Playing Game) made with RPG Maker 2003, but I lost interest in game creating. However, I still like the storyline so here's a story about it :D

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Many years ago, White and Black Dragons lived in the human world. White ones helped people and were almost like gods, even helping the king of a kingdom which shall remain unnamed. Black Dragons, on the other hand, killed people and created wars and hatred amongst people.

The king of this kingdom, whose name was exactly Justice the Third, had five mages who worked for him, known as Golden Knights, who were the link between the White dragons and the King.

Their names were Saithe, Kaichi, Kaite, Aitara and Damia.

However, the King didn't know Saithe was a traitor, and in fact worked for the Black Dragons as a spy.

One day, the traitor's wife saw him, in his laboratory, talking with the Black Dragon Lord. He didn't doubt it, and killed her.

He later went to the King's court, and told him Black Dragons had killed his loved one, leaving nothing but a pale and lifeless body there.

As Damia had discovered Dragons could take human shape but have wing tattoos in his back, the wise ruler inspected himself the backs of every single person in his kingdom, promising to kill the Dragon himself.

He inspected every single man and woman, but couldn't find the evil-doer.

His words were, even if filled with fear, exactly these, and have gone as a legend during generations.

"I shall not let the Dragon live, even if it's one of my Golden Knights"

And with so, he inspected first Aitara, the first female to become a Golden Knight, and found nothing but the markings all of them had, a pair of majestic white feathered wings painted in their backs, which symbolized their aliance with the White Dragons.

He then revised Kaichi, known as the Fire Knight, for having fought in the legendary Fire War, and winning all the battles, but found noting other than burnt marks.

His next move was to look at Damia's back, the only other female there, and found nothing but her milk-white skin, which made the snow colored wings almost invisible.

The younger of them, Kaite, was inspected afterwards, but there was nothing, only the Wings contrasting against his tanned skin.

When he was about inspecting the last of the Gold Knights, the mage faked being sick, and went to his home for supposedly getting a potion for healing himself.

There, he spoke with the Black Dragon Lord, asking for instructions.

The creature kept half of Saithe's sould in a flask. He ordered him to not to talk about their future plans, as the King would probably ask questions about the evil monsters' ideas.

The man, not minding dying for his master, went back to the King's court, and, when his back revealed two big black bat-like wings, surprising everyone.

He was publicly executed the day after that, and his clear last words are engraved often in prisions and other places where people are killed, or die.

"I may die here, but I've done what I had to do"

Author's note:

Yeah, I know, it's short, but it's just the prologue.

The next chapters will be better :)