Glistening out in the frigid abyss of night
It shines, distant but clear
While the bitter wind snarls and nips at my heels

Thick drifts of despair form all around me
Sapping my will from me as I trudge on
Each footstep wearies my soul
Each breath drains my will

Soft wailing seems muffled and distant,
As if being suffocated beneath a blanket of white
The air is brittle with all the lifeless hate in it
And bright white eyes glare at me as they blow by, carried on the wind

The old ways all around stand proud and tall,
Steeped in their patterned ways
Slowly being buried beneath the chill
Layers of sorrow covering them from sight
Until only their outlines remain
Yet, they will remain long after I am dust
But in their shadowed bows there is no spark,
What I seek does not flourish in such places
Steeped in darkness and damp with suffering they loom all around
Mocking my feeble form, so vulnerable to the cruel wind and biting cold

This terrible white world slowly bleeds the fire of will from me
Each step becomes a question, eroding my purpose away,
Threatening to turn me into just another drift in the snow
Countless frozen figures lie, arms outstretched, reaching towards nothingness

I carry on, caught up in something more
Still, I reach for it, I can see it still
It's there glistening in the night
It's there just in front of me

My breathing becomes labored
Each step carries the weight of a million frozen dreams
But slowly I come to see through the frozen ashes of Zion falling all around me
Clarity and purpose shine brightly through the night
And then the realization comes

I am a prisoner

Not of the painfully bright, hollow, nothingness all around me
But rather I am a prisoner of this speck of light, now suspended before me
So fragile, so strong, so clear, and yet so fleeting in this storm,
In this world so drained of warmth and true light

I am a prisoner of hope

And even if I were to lay down
Even if this world were to swallow me whole
That image
That glistening, living dream would live on
And, were I to abandon it, the memory of it would haunt me
It would haunt me until long after this storm ends
And everything in the world turns to dust and memory

I have chosen my prison
My cage is fragile, yet stronger than diamond
Its bars, distant and bright, encompass the entirety of the world
And when the sun finally shines again
My sanctuary will glisten with a light that never dies

Whatever the price, I shall clutch this fragile dream to my heart
And not even the cold winds of Hell shall tear it from me

Yet, I wonder...

What will you do when you see that distant shimmering in the night?
Where will your footsteps lead when the world is covered in snow?
And what is it that will imprison you?